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    Steph, Marge gave me the Donated By tags you had printed with the new address. I have all of the old ones along with the Poems. I m doing Avery Labels
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2011
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      Steph, Marge gave me the "Donated By" tags you had printed with the new address.  I have all of the old ones along with the Poems.  I'm doing Avery Labels for the old "Donated Tags", to match up with the Poems you previously had printed.  Somewhere along the way there are going to be a lot of "Donated By" tags without poems, because of the new ones you had printed.  Just a heads up that sometime in the future you might want to get a bunch of JUST Poems printed.
      Did I sufficiently confuse you?? :)
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