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Blanket Specifications Reminder

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  • Jennifer Ofenstein
    Just a reminder for anyone that has not printed out the new Blanket Specs. You can find the printable version
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2010
      Just a reminder for anyone that has not printed out the new Blanket Specs.

      Blanket Guidelines

      For some children, their Linus blanket is their only personal possession, and we want it to last!  These guidelines help us meet the needs of our recipient facilities and to help every child in a crisis situation in Central Texas receive a quality, handmade blanket.

      General Blanket Guidelines:
      • Sizes can range from 30” x 30” up to  54” x 70” (preemie – teens)
      • Blankets should be durable and made in child-friendly colors/patterns
      • Please avoid seasonal materials (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) We want the children's blankets to be special all year long! 
      • When labeling your Linus blanket, the sew-on tag should be attached on the back side near one of the bottom corners. These can be hand or machine stitched
      • Paper labels should be attached at least 5" in and 5" up from the bottom right corner. Pin to quilts using the attached ribbon; TIE paper labels to all crocheted or knitted blankets to prevent damage

      • 30” x 30” up to  54” x 70”
      • Suggested materials are 100% cotton quilting fabric and cotton batting
      • French binding is preferred, as it is more durable and will last longer than "quick turn" and other binding methods
      • Quilts should be machine quilted or hand tied

      Quilt Tops:
      We have a number of long arm quilters that donate their time to quilt tops for Linus. Using the following guidelines saves the quilters time and minimizes fabric waste.
      • 40” wide to 54” wide and no longer than 70” long. Tops should be in proportion; for example –
      • 40” x 60” or 54” x 70” (try to avoid long, narrow tops)
      • For tops wider than 54” wide, please include a pieced back that is four inches wider and four inches longer than the quilt top

      Yarn Blankets
      • 30” x 30” up to  54” x 70”
      • soft acrylic yarns for crocheted or knitted blankets
      • Please weave in all ends and make sure seams are secure

      Fleece Blankets
      • Sizes - 30" x 30" - 54" x 65"
      • Fleece blankets need to be only a single layer of fleece 
      • Edges should be finished; tied, crocheted, serged or hemmed

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