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Xenu's Link Sleuth update 1.3.7

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    new features in this release of Xenu s Link Sleuth: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE just in case :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2010
      new features in this release of Xenu's Link Sleuth:

      Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE "just in case" :-)

      Ask questions in the user group:
      (postings from new users are subject to approval by the moderator, to
      avoid spamming)

      Version 1.3.7 has improvements related to java applets, international
      URLs, the report, mail domain checking, and more. Enjoy!



      12.6.2010 (1.3.7)

      Minor improvements:
      12.6.2010: .class files that are in an external .jar file are marked as
      ".class in Jar" property is now saved in .XEN file

      Bug fixes:
      14.6.2010: correct skip of ".class in Jar" property when choosing next
      set all unhandled ".class in Jar" URLs as "not found" when
      all else done

      12.6.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 15 (".class in Jar"

      11.6.2010 (1.3.6)

      Major improvements:
      24.2.2010: Check the domains of mail addresses (DNS lookup for MX

      Minor improvements:
      7.12.2009: Include PARSETEST4 section in general release (convert
      characters >80H to %XX, for "international" URLs)
      19.12.2009: For "international" characters in local files: Use Unicode
      for local directory search, URL launch in browser, read/check local
      20.12.2009: But not for Windows 95/98/ME
      22.12.2009: add ".class" for applets if needed, replace "." with "/".
      27.12.2009: updated to NSIS 2.46
      10.1.2010: use version 6 list column sort arrows on XP and higher
      14.1.2010: added Description column
      15.1.2010: added warning when settings overwritten by profile
      16.1.2010: attempt at decoding .jar files for APPLET ARCHIVE thanks to
      - only one .jar archive per applet
      - no unicode in file names
      - name of archive must end with .jar
      - .jar file must be internal, or the class link will remain
      - .class "in Jar" property isn't saved in .XEN file (which
      prevents standard access in favor of waiting for .jar lookup)
      24.1.2010: added <video src=
      27.1.2010: improved list control divider double click (title is the
      26.2.2010: improved extra text in domain mail check
      13.3.2010: Get page body only if not redirection or redirection but no
      "Location:" in header
      (should make PARSETEST3 fix superfluous)
      16.3.2010: ...
      30.3.2010: Abort box for ftp orphan search
      2.4.2010: [Options] Accept="*/*" (default value)
      14.4.2010-6.5.2010: milliseconds in duration
      12.5.2010: reset e-mail flag when loading .XEN file, because if set it
      would mail and quit after loading a finished job
      12.5.2010: include link text in report (LINKTEXT compile option)
      25.5.2010: set recent URL list to 100 instead of 10
      3.6.2010: version nr. in report
      6.6.2010: show count of included / excluded URLs in the report
      6.6.2010: Abort box for orphan search always

      Bug fixes:
      15.12.2009: PARSETEST4 section: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X"
      20.12.2009: added version check for Unicode Clipboard and Sitemap for
      Windows 95/98/ME (like 27.1.2009)
      21.12.2009: corrected broken banner links
      22.12.2009: tell "anchor occurs multiple times" only once per URL
      4.1.2010: remove stuff after "?" in mailto: due to Microsoft error in
      10.1.2010: fixed list column sort arrows wrongly displayed in unsorted
      columns (on 7, but not on XP)
      12.1.2010: fixed "//" bug in applet codebase in local url
      15.1.2010: disabled and unchecked "Inactive" checkbox after loading new
      18.1.2010: fixed title line of tab export
      20.1.2010: Don't assume URLs to be UTF-8, use current charset instead
      However: this solution isn't perfect, because the correct
      charset of an URL would be the referring URL
      But in most cases it will work, because URLs usually have the
      same charset
      Known bug: Root URL with exotic characters
      20.1.2010: Corrected exotic URLs in sitemap
      26.1.2010: Fixed % in file: URLs, only convert %XX
      27.1.2010: "Conversion to lowercase" option uses codepage for conversion
      31.1.2010: Fixed bug in report (max size + max size url), probably
      introduced on 15.1.2010
      15.3.2010: vNormalizeURL() with conversion to UTF8 prior to
      store URLs in UTF8, unless already ANSI or ISO-8859-1 (1252)
      vRemovePercents for display only
      3.4.2010: prevent reentrant calls to vDoIdle();
      set fileNotFound status if tmp URL content file deleted by
      antivirus software
      10.4.2010: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X" in vAnsi2EntityEscaped()
      30.4.2010: changed user agent with "/" as requested in
      6.6.2010: add milliseconds in sum for manager statistics avg

      14.1.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 12 (Description)
      15.1.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 13 (size now 64 bit value)
      27.1.2010: OnNewDocument() with vNormalizeURL() instead of
      29.1.2010: OnNewDocument(): moved duplicate code to end
      5.5.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 14 (milliseconds)
      6.6.2010: MinSize, MaxSize unsigned
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