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Xenu's Link Sleuth update 1.2h

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    new features in this release of Xenu s Link Sleuth: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE just in case :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2006
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      new features in this release of Xenu's Link Sleuth:

      Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE "just in case" :-)

      Ask questions in the user group:
      (postings from new users are subject to approval by the moderator (that
      isn't me), to avoid abuse; this might take a few days if the moderator
      is away)

      2.6.2006 (1.2h)
      Major improvements:
      - Tip of the day
      Minor improvements:
      - ALT part of <IMG > used for the title column
      - [Options] FailSimilarHosts=0 (current behaviour and default is 1)
      - more statistics for managers (min size with link, max size with link,
      avg size)
      - "In Links" and "Out Links" in headings for better readability when
      - correct error message for empty ftp orphan directories
      - error message for empty local orphan directories
      - error message for non existing local orphan directories
      - orphan list sorted
      - (Test / by request only) IGNOREFRONTPAGEORPHANS
      - ftp host field allows port number, ftphostname:port
      - ftp dialog fields stored in .INI file
      - ftp default page (e.g. index.html, home.html, default.asp, etc)
      - ftp dialog does not appear when Xenu is launched with "-url", but is
      still available in "corporate" version
      - ReportBroken2 more efficient
      - 8.6.2005 Switched to InnoSetup 5
      - slight change in .TAB format: Status-Code and Status-Text instead of
      Status only
      - prevent empty input in NEW dialog
      - Ignore "error" HTTP_STATUS_ACCEPTED (for user with VMware, host Fedora
      Core 9 who has NAT problems)
      - changed handling of "%XX" with file:// orphan files
      - AfxMyParseURL removes "%XX" with file:// URLs
      - include/exclude wildcard test thanks to
      - better text for ftp orphan dialog
      - 18.3.2006: currently selected URL is first next new thread
      - 19.3.2006: ftp/gopher segment only when such URLs exist
      - 19.3.2006: put include/exclude settings into report
      - 1.4.2006: link to Google Sitemaps in report
      Bug fixes:
      - in file://///UNC-Host/Share, leading "//" is not an error
      - &#xnnn; now recognised (in addition to &#nnn;)
      - vNormalizeURL() when reading URL List
      - need space or semicolon before a "name", "href", etc
      - process % when checking an ftp URL on an ftp server
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