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Xenu's Link Sleuth update 1.2g

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    new features in this release of Xenu s Link Sleuth: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE just in case :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2005
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      new features in this release of Xenu's Link Sleuth:

      Please save the previous version of XENU.EXE "just in case" :-)

      Ask questions in the user group:
      (postings from new users are subject to approval by the moderator, to
      avoid spamming)

      18.3.2004 (1.2g)
      Major improvements:
      - Attempt at javascript thanks to
      details explained at
      Minor improvements:
      - Show elapsed time in status bar [15.1.2005 changed archiving format]
      - TARGET=_blank instead of TARGET=Xenu in report
      - New Version 2.44 of CSMTPConnection http://www.naughter.com/smtp.html
      - "//" in local files is always an error
      - mailed report as "XXXX.htm" instead of "XXXX.tmp.htm"
      - Version String in .XEN file
      - vTimeoutSimilarHosts() more efficient with huge sites
      - Faster local link checking (no copying to %temp% file)
      - ERROR_INTERNET_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED (12044) error handling
      - passive ftp mode in orphan dialog box
      - Send XENU.INI file as mail test instead of CONFIG.SYS
      - Orphan check also for https://
      - "New" Dialogbox can be used to enter a ftp link (no crawling!)
      - Cookies allowed when [Options] AllowCookies=1
      don't use this if you have links that delete or change something!
      - (Test / by requests only) MSOEXCLUDE, PARSETEST
      Bug fixes:
      - better error handling for error 12003 in FTP orphan check
      - _findclose in local orphan check (to unlock directory!)
      - /> bug fixed in META REFRESH
      - &# handling in vReplaceAmpStuff() and in bProcessLink()
      - handle redirection target as a possibly relative link
      - No empty URLs in URL list
      - date, size for file:///
      - alexa, google cache and wayback only for http:// and https://
      - offset in ParseTag as int instead of short for tags > 64K
      - cut off after '?' in remote orphan check
      - exclude excluded URLs in Orphan list
      - WINVER 0x0400
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