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9Xenu's Link Sleuth update 1.2a

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    Oct 6 3:47 AM
      new features in this release of Xenu's Link Sleuth:

      - extra column: time spent
      - Correct count for broken links in report
      - Can get size of some ftp files
      - Append header information from redirected files even if a body
      because of http://wap.loop.de
      - Look up MIME type for local files
      - Unofficial Option in XENU.INI:
      [Options] UseDDE=0 to disable DDE on some systems
      - Combined html and wml (WAP) scanning
      - <INPUT SRC="image.gif"> checked
      - Skip <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT>
      - Logo in About-Box changed
      - Min Level can be 0
      - CTRL-Numpad-ADD to resize all columns
      - Attempt at Orphan files
      - Improved speed
      - Better method for Url lookup
      - no UrlTable search in ctor of CLinkInfo
      - check for "txt", "jpg" etc more efficient
      - m_csRootURL tested in bIncluded()
      - CLinkInfo::vAddFromURL more efficient
      - Internal function bHasBrokenToURLs() more efficient
      - Corrected weird bug in initial Combo-Box
      - Changed Text in NEW Dialogbox
      - Compiled with VC++ 6