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29New Xenu installable beta

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  • Tilman Hausherr
    May 30 1:41 AM
      A new beta version of Xenu's Link Sleuth can be found in the yahoo file

      It is bigger because it has a real setup and uninstall, thanks to
      InnoSetup 4.1.8, which I began to try earlier this year.

      It has been tested on Windows 98 and on Windows XP Home, but not on XP
      Professional. It does not have a feature "install for this user" /
      "install for all users". If you know how to do this with InnoSetup, tell
      me. And no, don't tell me to switch to another Setup software.

      I have fixed a nasty bug related to automatically sending the report by
      mail. The bug resulted in the report being sent several times, and/or
      Xenu crashing.

      I have improved the context menu to give quick access to the Google
      Cache and to the Wayback Machine. This is useful when doing research on
      a broken link. I like and use it a lot :-)

      I changed the way "file://" URLs are shown - they are now shown with "/"
      instead of "\", because one user complained that URLs with "\" wouldn't
      display properly in Opera.

      Plus some minor improvements, see the WHATSNEW.TXT file.