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When long term search leads to conflict maintaining an effective job search

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  • timplatt532
    I have been posting an ongoing series on job search and career development best practices that now includes 67 postings:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2010
      I have been posting an ongoing series on job search and career development best practices that now includes 67 postings:

      This now includes the first 8 parts to a systematic guide for developing an effective Plan B approach for job searchers who have been looking longer term and without success (see postings 56 to 63 in above), and the last four of these have focused on developing a more effective resume. My initial plan at this point was to write the next posting in this series on cover letters and I will do that, but I am going to add one more that is more resume-oriented first and in response to some very specific feedback I have received.

      Job search is never easy, and a long term and seemingly endless search can be very, very difficult, raising questions in our minds as to our worth and our ability to contribute. This sense of negativity can adversely affect us in carrying out a search and at all points of it, and I will be writing about ways to keep a positive attitude and a positive focus in several postings. My next posting in this series, which I will post tomorrow (Sunday, May 2) will focus on how this affects us as we prepare our resumes – perhaps the single most important document we can prepare for any job application. I seek in this to address some very real questions and issues raised, where an initial response by a long term job seeker who is having trouble maintaining morale is probably going to be counterproductive to their succeeding on their search.

      This posting is going to be focused on the practical and on real world experience in job search and in successfully finding that next job, as have the preceding Plan B postings of this series. Then the next one after this will go on to discuss how to more effectively write a cover letter that will really work well with your resume and that will go live in two more days.

      Meanwhile, I have just posted part 9 to a practical guide to organizing and leading a Green and sustainability initiative that is grounded in my own experience and in that of my colleagues in working with social networks and communities:
      and I have started a new series on intelligent infrastructure-based social networks:

      Tim Platt

      Timothy Platt, Ph.D.
      Blog: http://plattperspective.wordpress.com
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