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Names of countries, peoples and languages

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  • Dmitri Ivanov
    Names of countries are written with a capital letter and are close to how they sound in the official language of the country: Espania – Spain Jungwo –
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      Names of countries are written with a capital letter and are close to
      how they sound in the official language of the country:
      Espania – Spain
      Jungwo – China
      Portugal – Portugal
      Rusia – Russia
      Nipon – Japan

      In case the country has two names or two official languages, it may
      have also an alternative name, especially if those names are not
      similar to each other:
      Suomi / Finlanda – Finland
      Bharat / India – India.
      But: Belgie – Belgium (based on Dutch, the country's name in the two
      other official languages, German and French, sounds similar).

      As with other LdP nouns, if country's name ends in two consonants, 'a'
      is added for euphony:
      Doichlanda – Germany
      Fransa – France
      Inglanda – England.
      Composite names are translated into LdP:
      Uniti-ney Statas de Amerika (USA) – The United States of America.

      A compound word from country's name and 'jen' (man) denotes an
      inhabitant/subject of the country (written with a hyphen):
      Suomi-jen – a Finland's inhabitant
      Rusia-jen – a Russia's inhabitant
      Jungwo-jen – a China's inhabitant
      USA-jen – a person living in the USA.
      These compound words should not be mixed with words for etnicity (a
      Russian, a Finn).

      For etnicity and the corresponding language a special word is used. It
      is close to how people refer to themselves. It plays the role of noun
      as well as adjective. "jen" and "lingwa" may be used for precision.

      ruski – Russian; a Russian; the Russian language
      me es ruski (jen) – I am Russian
      me shwo ruski (lingwa) – I speak Russian
      ruski fabula – a Russian fairy tale

      inglish – English; an English; the English language
      me bu shwo inglish – I don't speak English

      doiche – German; a German; the German language
      doiche exaktitaa – the German punctuality

      amerikan – American (expressing the culture and national values of the
      USA); an American
      famose amerikan poeta — a famous American poet
      ta es amerikan, ta shwo inglish – he/she is American, he/she speaks

      espaniol – Spanish; a Spanish; the Spanish language
      portuges – Portuguese; a Portuguese; the Portuguese language
      me shwo espaniol, yoshi me samaji portuges – I speak Spanish, also I
      understand Portuguese

      han – Chinese (ethnical); a Chinese; the Chinese language
      Ta es han (jen), ta shwo han (lingwa). – He/she is a Chinese, he/she
      speaks Chinese.
      Me es Jungwo-jen, bat me bu es han (jen). – I live in China but I am
      not a Chinese.

      hindi – Hindu; a Hindu; Hindi

      suomen – Finnish; a Finn; the Finnish language

      ukrainska – Ukrainian; a Ukrainian; the Ukrainian language
      Ela es ukrainska jen, ela shwo ukrainska. — She is a Ukrainian, she
      speaks Ukrainian
      ukrainska-ruski lexikon — a Ukrainian-Russian dictionary

      nihon – Japanese; a Japanese; the Japanese language

      romale – Gipsy; a Gipsy; the Gipsy language
      jamile romale songa – a beautiful Gipsy song.
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