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New Knitter Intro

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  • cali0106
    I am a 45
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
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      I am a 45<x<50 mom of an eight year old DD. We live west of town
      off Denton Road. In my work life I am a financial analyst. My work
      includes volunteer work for several local non-profits.

      I have been knitting for all my life, but in the early 2000s picked
      the needles up again quite seriously. The internet has helped
      enable my knitting growth. I got hooked up early with several knit
      lists and blogs (KBTH, Selbu, Norgeknit, MasterKnitters, Knit Baby
      Surprise, Big Sky Knitting, Knitty, Wendyknits, Yarn Harlot...etc).
      My knitting, yarn stash and knit related library have grown

      Over the last few years my daughter and I have attended the Maryland
      Sheep & Wool and also the Estes Park Wool Market. We are going to
      the Estes Park Wool market the weekend of June 16 (next weekend!)
      this year. I'm ashamed that I still have not knit up the beautiful
      black and white angora yarn from last year's trip to Estes.

      I've done lace, felted bags & slippers, Lopi sweaters, Alice
      Starmore Fair Isles and Arans, socks, Selbu mittens and gloves, etc,
      etc. Jesse and I like to dye yarn for fun, and I would really,
      really, really, like to learn to spin.

      Jesse and I also sew and quilt. We sail (race, actually), at
      Branched Oak on a 23' Sonar, and have interest in animal rescue.

      We are looking forward to Saturday!
      Anne Hansen
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