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RE: [lincolnknitters] Lauren - Continentenal Knitting

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  • Lauren Durban
    Thank you all for all the advice! What a wonderful group of ladies! Honestly... you are all so sweet to try and help me-- and I promise to try not to be a lost
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      Thank you all for all the advice! What a wonderful group of ladies! Honestly... you are all so sweet to try and help me-- and I promise to try not to be a lost cause! I'm definitely open to learning throwing, and since continental style still isn't 100% comfortable or automatic, maybe this is the time to try it. I'll have to take a look at the on-line demos (thanks, Mary Pat!) and see the difference. And yes, Tana... I definitely need to relax- in knitting and in general. Maybe the knitting will help- at least that's what Julie promised! :)

      Steve and Tana Pageler <stpageler@...> wrote:
      I learned throwing and then re-taught myself how to knit (literally) continental style. A couple things…first of all, to relax your tension, you have to relax. I knit a pair of socks recently where they both theoretically have 8 inch cuffs but one is ¼ inch longer than the other (the longer one had the correct tension). The second one I was trying to knit to meet a self-imposed deadline and I was all tense about it and well, you can tell. So relax…and your knitting will relax too. Loosen up – the stitches won’t fall off the needle.
      Regarding style (English/continenta l) – my observation is that every person finds their own way to hold the yarn that feels right to them. Some of us hold our needles with our fists, others hold them like pencils. Line up a bunch of “throwers” and they will each hold the yarn a bit differently – either how they wrap it around their fingers or where it runs through their fingers (if they use the same ones). Regardless of the style you choose (English or continental) , you just have to sit and fiddle with it until you find something that is comfortable and works for you.
      Tana (the other mom with the baby)
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      Julie and I were talking about helping Lauren with her tension (it's very tight!) and I suggested that she might do better throwing, rather than Continental.  Lauren, one advantage that throwers have is that tension is rarely an issue. 

      We don't sit around talking about each other's method of knitting!  But since you have just a week or two of knitting experience, it's an ideal time to try a different method.  I learned to knit by throwing the yarn when I was about 8 years old.  And now my brain (or hands?) won't let me do it a different way.  I think if we showed you both methods, you would become proficient in both.  And that would make it easier for you down the road when you try two-handed (stranded) knitting in Fair Isle and two or more color knitting.

      Just a thought.

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    • Julie Kundhi
      Wow. That thumb purl is cool. j.
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        Re: [lincolnknitters] Continentenal Knitting Wow. That thumb purl is cool.


        Hi Lauren,

        Welcome to our group and I hope that you will consider joining us on the third Saturday of the month too.

        I don't know a lot about continetenal knitting because I am a thrower; however, there are some good sites on the Internet.  Since everyone has a different way of learning perhaps looking at these sites and videos will help you and anyone else interested in this method.

        There are several different ways of knitting continentenal and you will notice that these videos are not exactly the same.  You need to find the way that works for you.  If continentenal doesn't become natural to you we can always teach you to throw.

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuRLFl36tDY - The best demo I have seen.

        http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/knit.php (This site is an excellent source of many different knitting techniques)

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPxOxYhfGec   This video demos the thumb method of purling that is currently considered the best.

        Hope this helps.

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