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Re: [lincolnknitters] Re: Need suggestions

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  • Elizabeth Bracken
    Ha! Yes, the band-aid analogy is good. It s also like going swimming---do you ease into the cold water and torture yourself for five minutes or do you just
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 4, 2007
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      Ha!  Yes, the band-aid analogy is good.  It's also like going swimming---do you ease into the cold water and torture yourself for five minutes or do you just JUMP right in and the shock lasts only three seconds. :)

      On 2/4/07, Julie Kundhi <jkundhi@...> wrote:


      When I was looking for my extra Mission Falls, I sent out "in search of"
      emails to a whole bunch of yarn stores to see if anyone had it. Then I got
      on the phone. It took awhile, but with a little persistence, I found 15
      balls in my same dyelot that I purchased last summer! Start by sending a
      message to the folks who are selling Wool in the Woods on eBay. Maybe they
      have some in their stash that they don't have listed.


      Then send an email to the stores listed on the Wool in the Woods retailers
      page who have a url listed.

      Finally, pick up the phone and start calling the rest.

      That is, if you are serious about getting more of this colorway.

      Good luck!


      p.s. If you can't bear to rip back, ask someone else to do it. Liz makes
      ripping back pretty painless, isn't that right, Liz? It's just like tearing
      off a bandaid really quick. ;)

      > Amy---look at this site.
      > http://knit-together.com/plog-1.0.1/index.php?op=Default&postCategoryId=2&blog
      > Id=1
      > <http://knit-together.com/plog-1.0.1/index.php?op=Default&amp;postCategoryId=2
      > &amp;blogId=1>
      > There's a picture of Lottery. What you would have to do is send the snip of
      > yarn to the shop to see if they have any that come close. I think the trick
      > is to find someone who sells it in the first place and then contact them.
      > You'd have more luck than with eBay, I'm sure.
      > On 2/4/07, Amy Bacon <amypurls@...> wrote:
      >> Liz- I've looked, googled, ebayed, whatever, and I can't seem to find
      >> another skein. Even the colorways look different. For example-- I
      >> have Del Sol in Lottery. I found several versions of Lottery in a
      >> different fiber content that are deep jewel tones according to the
      >> pictures. Granted, I'm sure there are difference with monitor color
      >> and cameras used, but three different ebay listings that don't match
      >> what I've got in my hand? Of course, this yarn has been chilling in
      >> my stash for over a year, possibly two.
      >> Christy, Joanne and Julie- I was afraid that you would say that. I
      >> had tossed that idea around as well, and I'm just not sure I would be
      >> happy with the finished version. What I've got on the needles right
      >> now is working up to be such a pretty piece of cloth with the color
      >> changes so subtle, I'm afraid that any changes as the cheat sheet
      >> suggests would ruin the Zen-like quality I feel from the piece.
      >> Either that or my crazy pregnant hormones is refusing to let me think
      >> that it could turn out beautiful with any other yarn besides this.
      >> Ok, I guess I'll just do a "wanted" blog post to see if someone out
      >> there in cyber land would happen to have any of this.
      >> Thanks girls!
      >> --- In lincolnknitters@yahoogroups.com
      >> <mailto:lincolnknitters%40yahoogrou ps.com> , "Elizabeth Bracken"
      >> <eabracken@...> wrote:
      >>> I am probably the least qualified to answer since I'm not knitting a
      >> BSS.
      >>> BUT (since when does that stop me from offering advice?) I would suggest
      >>> suggest looking for this yarn on-line before you give up completely. I
      >>> can't picture it with two different yarns. I think you'd be
      >> disappointed in
      >>> how it turned out.
      >>> On 2/4/07, Amy Bacon <amypurls@...> wrote:
      >>>> Hi ladies!
      >>>> As some of you know, I am going to run out of yarn for the BSS. My
      >>>> original plan was to have a girl version and a boy version out of
      >>>> these two skeins. I don't feel that I can combine the two because of
      >>>> the dramatic variations in the hand-dyed yarn. (This is the yarn that
      >>>> I wound at our last guild meeting.) So, I need suggestions on yarns
      >>>> that could go with what I've already got started.
      >>>> Christy, Joanne and Liz will probably be able to offer the best advice
      >>>> since they got to see how far I am in the pattern and the colors
      >>>> within the yarn. Julie was busy helping Lauren yesterday, so I'm not
      >>>> sure if she paid close attention to what was on my needles.
      >>>> Anyway, any suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated. I
      >>>> really would hate to have frog my progress (as I have hit the halfway
      >>>> point), but I'm not having any luck with the Wool in the Woods girls
      >>>> getting back to me about a similar textured yarn since they no longer
      >>>> offer what I have.
      >>>> Thanks in advance!
      >>>> ~Amy

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