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Re: [lincolnknitters] Brown Sheep

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  • Elizabeth Bracken
    Gotcha. I read your email too fast and didn t realize that you were talking about a shop called Yarn For All!
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 21, 2007
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      Gotcha.  I read your email too fast and didn't realize that you were talking about a shop called Yarn For All!

      On 1/21/07, Joanne Neeley < joanne_neeley@...> wrote:

      It doesn't look like you can buy directly from Brown Sheep, but Yarn for All was listed as a retailer. And Julie has provided the info.

      Julie Kundhi < jkundhi@...> wrote:

      Contact info for Sue is:

      Sue Quambusch
      A to Z Printing
      p: 477-0815
      e: squam@...

      I was planning to email her this week to get more information.


      I didn't know you could buy it directly from Brown Sheep---I thought they sold only to wholesale yarn shops but maybe this is something I don't know.  Linnea (and Julie?) have the name of the person here in Lincoln who will order for you.  Also (I sound like a broken record), Flying Fingers < www.flyingfingers.com <http://www.flyingfi ngers.com> > carries almost every kind of yarn (not the superwash, last I heard) that Brown Sheep makes.  And their shipping charge is only $3.99 no matter how much you order.  They also have great color photos of the yarn.  Click on them a couple of times and they enlarge to almost lifesize!

      On 1/21/07, Joanne Neeley <joanne_neeley@yahoo.com> wrote:
      We were talking about Brown Sheep yarn yesterday and locations to buy it. Yarn for all was mentioned and if you go to the Brown Sheep web site
      http://www.brownsheep.com/neb < http://ep.com/neb> .htm#n
      you will find their (her?) contact information.
      I was intrigued with the idea of doing this, but I guess if someone in the area already offers the service it would be better to support that.


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