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Re: [lincolnknitters] BSS - KAL

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  • Mary Pat Miller
    Christy - your lifted bar increases might have made holes because you didn t knit into the back of them. I used the backward loop. However, since these holes
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      Christy - your lifted bar increases might have made holes because you didn't knit into the back of them.  I used the backward loop.  However, since these holes are in the mitered area the holes could be a design feature.  Here is a good link for making various increases.
      It is easier to make out what part of the sweater you are working on if you remember that the sleeves seam at the top.  If you fold the bottom of your knitting towards the top it will become apparent where the sleeves are.
      Hope this helps,
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      I might put the markers in for the increases but for now it is really easy with the miters for me to see exactly where I need to do the decreases. 

      My lifted bar increases made noticeable holes.  Should I go back and do a different increase instead?  I can't tell what part of the sweater this is going to be. Sleeve? 


      Mary Pat Miller <marypat@inebraska. com> wrote:

      BSS (Baby Surprise Sweater)
      Here are a few things that I discovered along my BSS knitting journey.
      1) You can slip the first stitch on each row for a better edge.  I didn't do this but will do it for the next one.
      2) I really depended on stitch markers for the mitered area.  Bless you Christy that you can do it without them.  I really need these reminders particularly
          if I am multi-tasking.  Yes,  I do consider talking and knitting multi-tasking.
      3) Since this pattern is usually done in garter stitch the backward loop M1 looks fine.  You can; however, use left and right lifted bar increases.
      My next step is to put a collar on this BSS and then I think I will want to make the cap.
      I am really looking forward to seeing everyone else's BSS.
      Mary Pat

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