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Re: [lincolnknitters] swifts

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  • Barbara McCall
    MP is right. A swift is nice but a swift and ball winder are heaven! ... From: Mary Pat Miller To: lincolnknitters@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2007
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      MP is right.  A swift is nice but a swift and ball winder are heaven!
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      Date: Wed, Jan-3-2007 2:27 PM
      Subject: Re: [lincolnknitters] swifts

      Julie - here is some information on swifts:
      Here is what I have from Patternworks.  I would strongly recommend getting a swift and a ballwinder if you do not already have one.
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      Subject: [lincolnknitters] swifts

      Hi all,

      I've been trying to order a swift off of the knitpicks website for awhile now and it always seems to be out of stock. I'm getting impatient. I've started looking at them on ebay. Any other thoughts on where to get one? Joann's website has theirs out of stock, too.

      Also, I was just planning on getting the one that expands to 72 inches. Have you ever run into a situation where you'd need the larger size?


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