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Re: [lincolnknitters] Who's coming this Saturday?

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  • Christy Nelson
    I won t be there this Saturday. It s my first craft fair of the season. It s at Mahoney State Park and it goes Fri-Sun. I personally won t be there the whole
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      I won't be there this Saturday.  It's my first craft fair of the season. It's at Mahoney State Park and it goes Fri-Sun.  I personally won't be there the whole time but if any of you all go be sure and say hi!


      Mary Pat Miller <marypat@...> wrote:
      Very nice to see everyone's posts.
      Tana, baby Joey is so adorable  Am I right, he looks just like Ben?  Sorry that you can't make it Saturday.  I too am over committed for that day; however, I hope to get out after the football game.
      Liz, here is the link to the website, yes is was from LoopyEwe  http://www.theloopy ewe.com/browse/ whatsnew/.  The Claudia yarn is listed as CL.  I see the color I ordered, Passion Fruit (I think) is all gone.  Some of my first choices were gone; because you need two hanks for socks.  If that doesn't grab you how about Blue Moon's - sock club?  I am so tempted.
      http://www.bluemoon fiberarts. com/.  I think you just need to finish a pair of socks and after they are finished decide how you will do the next pair.   With socks there are just so many options you could drive yourself crazy second guessing yourself,  ask me how I know.
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      It's our Saturday to knit at Wilderness Perk from 3-5.  I'll be there and working on my socks which I've now started over for the FOURTH time.  #1--decided to switch to bamboo dpns, #2 too many stitches cast on,  #3 didn't like the entire leg in 2x2 cable,  #4.....am I being too picky?  8-}
      Mary Pat, I can't stop thinking about that hand paint Louet you showed us last night.  Did you order that from the Loopy Ewe?

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