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      From: TKGA <tkga@...>
      Date: Sep 27, 2006 3:55 PM
      Subject: TKGA Guild News September 06
      To: "eabracken@..." <eabracken@...>


      TO GUILD PRESIDENTS           

      Newsletter from Guild Relations at The Knitting Guild Association: 1100-H Brandywine Blvd, Zanesville OH 43701-7303. Phone: 740-452-4541 / Fax: 740-452-2552 / TKGA@...

      Use these passwords for TKGA Guilds to gain exclusive access to Guild Resources online at http://www.tkga.com/guildsclubs.shtm.          Username: guild             Password: learn
                                                                                   (You must use lowercase.)
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Dear Guild Presidents,
      Be sure to PASS ON this e-mail to the rest of your members. If you have members who do not have e-mail, print out a hardcopy to pass around at your next meeting. Thanks so much!
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      What's in this  September 2006 Issue     
      ~ Knit & Crochet Shows go to Summer and Fall for 2007

      ~ Ten-Year (Plus) Guild Anniversaries Planned!

      ~ TKGA Special Membership Discount Ends Oct 16 - Hurry!

      ~ Avoid Having TKGA Mail Returned! Time to Fix this Address

      ~ Two Guild Meeting Program Outlines You Can Use

      ~ Thank You for Precious Pals That Went to Hurricane Victims

      ~ Third New Preemie Cap Pattern to Be Online in October

      ~ TKGA Looking for Correspondence Course Proposals

      ~ Welcome to Newest TKGA Clubs/Guilds

      ~ Help TKGA Reconnect with These Guilds

      ~ Wasn't Valley Forge Fun? See the Pictures.

      ~ TKGA Masters Program Updates are Done

      ~ Cast On Articles and Photos from Guilds

      ~ News Tidbits from All Over

      ~ Gleaned from Your Guild Newsletters

      ~ TKGA Watch

      ~ Reacquaint yourself with TKGA Staff, Advisory Board and Volunteer Committee Members

      ~ Things to Remember...


      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



      Knit & Crochet Shows go to Summer and Fall for 2007

      SUMMER Knit & Crochet Show

      CGOA & TKGA Conferences, Plus CGOA Chain Link Special Annual Events

      Radisson Hotel Manchester at The Center of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH

      July 11 - CGOA Professional Development Day

      July 12-15 - CGOA & TKGA Classes

      July 12 - Market Preview in Evening (no charge!)

      July 13-15 - Shopping Floor Open


      FALL Knit & Crochet Show

      TKGA & CGOA Conferences, Plus TKGA Special Annual Events

      Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA

      September 27-30 - TKGA & CGOA Classes; TKGA Masters Pinning will be scheduled.

      September 27 - Market Preview in Evening (no charge!)

      September 28-30 - Shopping Floor Open


      Guild Anniversaries/Reunion Planned for TKGA Fall Conference

      TKGA will be recognizing 10+ year guild anniversaries at the 2007 Fall Conference! With several guilds now 10 or more years old (some of you are more than 20!), it's time to have a little hoopla!  If your guild joined TKGA in 1997 or before, we want to celebrate your experience! So everyone can easily see who you are and what has made your group special all these years, we hope you will plan to come to the reunion and bring a poster display to the Oakland Knit & Crochet Show. While it may be hard to distill everything into one poster, we'd love to see the highlights of your unique experience and fun. We'll add your poster to the 2007 10+ Year Anniversary Guild Wall of Fame for everyone to see. There will be special door prizes and other fun for all who can come. More details will be shared later.


      TKGA Special Membership Discount Ends October 16 - Hurry!

      For a short time your guild's members can get $2 off their member application or renewal.

      Each TKGA guild president should have received by mail a packet of materials, including some special TKGA forms that offer a $2 savings for any member of their guild who applies or renews their TKGA national membership by October 16. The forms can be copied for as many members as you need. Hurry to save!  


      Avoid Having TKGA Mail Returned! Time to Fix This Address .

      For a year, TKGA has announced that it has discontinued use of its Post Office box, and yet we have continued to receive mail from guilds and members at our old address. The forwarding has now expired. The Post Office is now returning all improperly addressed mail. Please have your records changed to show the correct address and zip code for TKGA:

      The Knitting Guild Association

      1100-H Brandywine Blvd

      Zanesville OH 43701-7303


      Two Guild Meeting Program Outlines You Can Use!

      Hey! TKGA has posted online two great ready-to-use meeting outlines, from actual guild programs created and used by the North Coast Knitters, San Diego, CA. Go to the password protected TKGA Guild page (use your passwords listed above) and click on the link for "Program Outlines You Can Use". A big thank you to North Coast Knitters, especially Colleen Davis and Ellen Hesterman, for sharing these with everyone!


      Does your guild have some outstanding programs you could outline and send for TKGA to post? Send them to djohnston@... (Debby Johnston, TKGA Guild Relations). 

      Thank You for Precious Pals´┐Ż You Sent that Went to Young Hurricane Victims

      Thank you to everyone who sent Precious Pals to TKGA this year. TKGA sent two large boxes with dozens of cuddly stuffed animals to aid children who were victims of the Southern states' hurricanes. Your contributions help give hope to little ones whose lives have been upturned and unsettled.


      Third New TKGA Preemie Cap Pattern to Be Online in October

      Two preemie cap patterns already appear online in the TKGA members-only pages ( http://www.tkga.com/members/index.shtm). You can see the Feather Rib Hat picture and link when you open the page, and you can find the Six-Stitch Spiral Cable Hat in the Bonus Pattern Archive. A third preemie cap pattern will be posted in October, a fourth in November, and a dog blanket pattern will be posted for December (to aid animals in shelters). thank you to designer Lorraine Ehrlinger of the Northcoast Knitting Guild, OH for designing and donating these patterns to TKGA (TKGA copyright) for use by our members.


      TKGA Is Looking for Correspondence Course Proposals

      Check out an ad in the upcoming winter Cast On magazine (due to mail in first week of November) that gives details about TKGA and a search for new TKGA Correspondence Courses. The ad will give you details on how to apply, if you are interested in becoming a TKGA Correspondence Course instructor.


      Welcome, to Our Newest TKGA Clubs/Guilds!

      Black Sheep Knitting Guild, Midland, TX

      Front Range Knitting Guild, Loveland, CO

      Greater Shoals Area Knitting Guild, Cypress Inn, AL

      Knitters of the North, Anchorage, AK

      Lincoln Knitters, Lincoln, NE

      Old Stone House Knitters, Lowell, VT

      Mini Purls, Geneva, FL

      Wooly Wonder Knitting Guild, Franklin, PA


      Help TKGA to Reconnect with These Guilds

      Sometimes guilds forget to update TKGA with their new officers. We've lost contact with the following guilds. If you know who we should contact, please let us know:  

         Cast On Crew, Clarkston, MI (list)

         Rochester Knitting Guild, Fairport, NY (list)

         Stranded in Michiana, South Bend, IN (0606)

         Victor Valley Knitting Guild, Victorville, CA (0920)

         Witty Knitters, Youngstown, OH (0829)


      Wasn't Valley Forge Fun? See the Pictures!

      Revisit the 2006 Knit & Crochet Show in Valley Forge (King of Prussia) by viewing photos taken during the event: http://www.knitandcrochetshow.com/. You may even see yourself!


      TKGA Masters Program Materials Update is Done

      An extensive update of the entire Master Hand Knitting Program has been completed. A huge thank you goes to Arenda Holladay and the rest of the Masters Committee for all of their hard work in making the program easier to understand and use. If you aren't enrolled, you may want to consider taking part in TKGA Correspondence Courses and the Masters Program. You can view and print out the TKGA Catalog describing what's available, and then go to https://www.e-offinger.net/tkgadata/scriptcontent/TKGAshoppick.cfm to enroll.


      About Submitting Cast On Articles and Photos from Guilds

      A reminder about the quality of articles and photos you send for Cast On magazine.



      While Cast On magazine has reinstated its "Guild News" pages, not every article or photo will be published. To increase your chance of publication, you will want to keep in mind what READERS tell us they want to see. The following reader thoughts were gleaned from reader surveys regarding "Guild News" from past Cast On magazine issues: 


      ~ Readers have complained that every issue had the same basic blurb and photo from guilds: "We had a meeting on such and such a date and talked about such and such. Here's a picture of who was there."  

      ~ Readers have complained that the photos were poor quality. Many pictures were fuzzy and sometimes they were very dark. They didn't look like they belonged in the magazine. (See notes, below, about photo quality requirements.)

      ~ Readers have said they felt the photos weren't interesting and usually only showed a row of people.

      ~ Readers have complained that from what they saw in Cast On, most guilds had no young members - and they wondered if that meant they were not welcoming and interested in new knitters.

      ~ Readers have said over and over that they want ideas they can copy and use in their guild meetings - they run out of creative steam and need to know what others are doing that has been fun and worked well. They don't want to hear about every meeting, just the exceptional ones.



      Photos must not be fuzzy, grainy or dark. Digital photos for Cast On must be very high resolution tif or jpg items. While bitmap, Word images, and low resolution photos are great for quick transport via e-mail or for use on the Web site, they cannot be accepted for the magazine. Try for high resolution photos - send them to Cast On in a CD if the file is too large to e-mail, or as prints. Speaking of prints, if you don't have a digital camera, send professionally produced prints - not Xerox copies or collages.


      Make sure your photos are interesting and feature a subject clearly. Don't just line everybody up and snap a quick shot. When every member is crammed into a photo, usually no one's face is large enough to recognize. Instead of trying to tell the whole story in one photo and record everyone who was there, try a photo that tells a piece of a story and features one subject well. Show two or three smiling people involved in an activity, for example.


      Photos that cannot be used by Cast On may be published in Swatches instead.


      News Tidbits from All Over
      (While every effort is made to reproduce notices accurately, errors can occur. TKGA takes no responsibility for listing content and errors.)



      Crooked River Knitting Guild - See members, below, modeling some of the items from their Vivian Hoxbro class held at The Renaissance, Olmsted Twp, Ohio (southwest of Cleveland) in June.





       "Stitch 'N Pitch - Cincinnati" - several members of National Trail Knitters Guild, OH, knitted and cheered at the Cincinnati Reds Ballgame as part of the "Stitch 'N Pitch" event held there on September 10. See photo below.



      "Stitch 'N Pitch - Cleveland" - several members of Northcoast Knitting Guild, OH, knitted and cheered at the Cleveland Indians Ballgame as part of the "Stitch 'N Pitch" event held there September 13. (Photo not available.)


      Other guilds participated around the country in "Stitch 'N Pitch" events related to other ball teams.



      September 30, 2006. Stitch to WIN in Tampa, FL. Held in conjunction with the Annual Breast Cancer Education Conference at the Tampa Waterside Marriott. Looking for volunteers to help teach how to knit and crochet. Info at: campagen@....


      October 12, 2006. Project Linus Make a Blanket Days, Southcliff Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX - 9: 30 am - 3 pm. (Also, November 9, same location. Also, November 11 at Handley United Methodist Church). Bring a sack lunch. Drinks and desserts are furnished. Info at: plinusftw@....


      October 27-29, 2006. Southwestern Animal Fiber Fair, Western NC Agricultural Center, Fletcher, NC. Find fabulous yarns, great classes and fun things to buy. 9 am to 4 pm (6 on Sat). Ticket $2 (free on Fri). Info at: http://www.saffsite.org or contact Linda Brier at 828-683-4026.


      November, 2006. Stitch to WIN in Philadelphia. Looking for volunteers to help teach how to knit and crochet. Info at: bdirect@....


      May 24-26, 2007.  6th Biennial Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. Call for entry deadline is March 15, 2007. Info at: http://www.fiberartsfiesta.org.



      Casting Call - Uncommon Threads DIY Network TV Show: Looking for needle arts clubs to feature on the show. Need at least four in group to share your hip and inventive projects. Candidates must be fun and outgoing and willing to travel to the studio. For more info, send an e-mail to Steve Bae, Associate Producer at sbae@... along with pictures of your group members and some projects (with a brief description) that you'd like to demonstrate for the show.


      Helping Hands Foundation Needs You: Participate in a Needle Arts Mentoring Program SM to teach children in your community, whether in a school or other organizational setting. The Helping Hands Foundation can help you start a program or find out how to participate in an existing program where you can teach children how to knit. Info at: http://www.needleartsmentoring.org.


      Maine FiberArts: Studios and Farms and more. http://www.mainefiberarts.org .


      Make the Connection Between Cervical Cancer and HPV: http://www.maketheconnection.org.


      Peru Guild (not a TKGA member guild) Looking for Sister Guild in U.S.: Adrienne Sloane - aonels@... .


      Save the Children: The Warm Up America Foundation and Save the Children are teaming up to save newborn lives in developing countries. Learn how your knitted or crocheted cap can help us save a life and how your voice can help us save millions. Info at: http://www.warmupamerica.org.


      Socks for Soldiers: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/socksforsoldiers.


      Guild Meeting Ideas - Gleaned from Your Newsletters

      ~ "Playing with Paillettes" (metal, foil, spangles) Sand & Sea Knitting Guild, CA - July '06.

      ~ "Hand Made Clay Buttons and Button Tips" San Diego Knitters, CA - Apr '06.

      ~ "3-D Needle Felting" Slipt Stitchers of El Segundo, CA - Mar '06.

      ~ "Judy Pascale Workshop - Vertical Vest" Knit or Knot, FL - Nov '06.

      ~ "Book and Online Sites Reviews" - Regular general discussion at meetings of Cast Away Knitting Guild, IL - July '06.

      ~ "You Know You're Knitting Too Much When." (hilarious list!), plus more serious contest called "Knitting Challenge" Ozark Mountain Knitting Guild, MO - May '06.

      ~ "Knitting Technique of the Month: Invisible Cast On" Knitting Guild of Puget Sound, WA - Aug '06

      ~ "Hand Exercises - a 5-5-5 Workout, Simple Exercises for Hands That Craft" reproduced from Berroco.com with permission. Victoria Knitting Guild, British Columbia - Feb '06.

      ~ "Fashion Show - Parade of Knits" Village Pine Needlers, AR - each year this guild puts on a community fashion show of knits and records it. You can rent this tape online from TKGA to see how they do it (https://www.e-offinger.net/tkgadata/scriptcontent/TKGAshoppick.cfm ).

      ~ "Small Groups" The North Coast Knitters Guild (CA) is a large guild that has "small group affiliates" where knitters gather in between regular full guild meetings by skill or interest to enjoy the craft and help each other. Here is the breakdown of groups:

      EKG = Easy Knitting Group - those who are working on easy projects assist and urge one another to greater skill levels.

      RN = Rather Normal Group - knitters who are intermediate to experienced.

      AKG = Advanced Knitters Group - knitters who work on advanced patterns and techniques.

      PA = Practically Anything - gather to knit and exchange ideas.

      Knit@Knit = Need or prefer to meet in the evening. All skill levels welcome.


      For more local guild news, go online to visit guilds who post their news on their Web sites. Look them up on the guild listing at http://www.e-offinger.net/tkga/guildsbystate1.cfm .


      Please keep TKGA on your newsletter mailing list (Attn: TKGA Guild Relations Coordinator) or e-mailing list ( djohnston@...). TKGA staff loves looking through them to see what you're doing.


      TKGA Watch

      Show off your love of knitting and your TKGA affiliation with a TKGA watch. This attractive lady's watch has a brown leather strap and the Association logo and name imprinted on a white face with silver accents. Battery operated, analog. Order yours today for $45 online at https://www.e-offinger.net/tkgadata/scriptcontent/TKGAshoppick.cfm .



      Reacquaint yourself with TKGA and Cast On Staff

      TKGA Executive Director and Knit & Crochet Show Manager - Penny Sitler

      TKGA Member Services & Programs Coordinator - Debby Johnston

      Cast On Editor-In-Chief - Marrijane Jones

      Cast On Managing Editor - Jane Miller


      TKGA Advisory Board

      TKGA consults regularly with a volunteer board of advisors from the industry, which includes (in alphabetical order):

      Laura Bryant, Prism Arts

      Margaret Fisher, Designer and Master Knitter

      Barry Klein, Trendsetter Yarns

      Melissa Leapman, Designer

      Marci Richardson, The Elegant Ewe (Retail Shop)

      Janet Johnson Stephens, Member at Large and Atlanta Knitting Guild Member


      TKGA Volunteer Committees

      Master Hand Knitting Program Committee Co-Chairs:

      Arenda Holladay, Message Board Forum Respondent

      Joan Janes

      Kathryn Mates

      Cindy Nelson

      Master Hand Knitting Program Committee Members:

      Alice Greenlee

      Shelley Monitor

      Vanessa Montileone

      Moira Ravenscroft

      Frances Stroscio

      Nancy Taylor-Roberts

      Carolyn Vance


      Master Machine Knitting Program Committee Co-Chair:

      Jennie Merritt, Message Board Forum Respondent

      Master Machine Knitting Program Committee Members:

      Pamela Cole

      Darlene Dahlman


      Learn To Knit Correspondence Course Committee:

      Sara Harper


      In Closing ... Things to Remember:


      ~ CHECK YOUR GUILD LISTING online at http://www.e-offinger.net/tkga/guildsbystate1.cfm. Make sure it is up to date.


      ~ LET TKGA KNOW OF CHANGES IN YOUR GUILD OFFICERS. Send a quick e-mail to TKGA@.... Remember to include your guild name and city/state.


      ~ KEEP YOUR OFFICER MEMBERSHIPS WITH TKGA CURRENT. If their memberships are not current, you may not receive all of the regular TKGA member guild correspondence. Consider offering a membership scholarship from your local guild for one or two of your officers - or for other guild members who may not be able to afford regular dues.


      ~ PROMOTE TKGA MEMBERSHIP TO ALL OF YOUR GUILD MEMBERS. If you need more member brochures, let us know. We'll send them to you to hand out at your next meeting.

      ~ DO NOT USE TKGA POST OFFICE BOX. TKGA has discontinued use of its PO Box. Please send all correspondence to: TKGA, 1100-H Brandywine Blvd., Zanesville OH 43701-7303.


      Happy Knitting!


      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



      The Knitting Guild Association is a non-profit, taxable association.


      The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) is managed by Offinger Management Company ( www.Offinger.com), an American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) "Charter Accredited" Association Management Company, and a member of the Association of Association Management Company Institute (AMCinstitute).


      We hope you enjoyed this communication from The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA). If you'd rather not receive information of this kind from us, please forward this e-mail to TKGARemove@... or mail your removal request to: The Knitting Guild Association, 1100-H Brandywine Blvd, Zanesville OH USA 43701-7303. You may fax your removal request to 740-452-2552, or request removal by calling 740-452-4541.


      This is an advertisement from:

      The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA)

      1100-H Brandywine Blvd

      Zanesville OH 43701-7303







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