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Fwd: Lulu's Pie in the Colinette Skye Sale!

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  • Elizabeth Bracken
    Note the Colinette Skye is 50% off. ... From: Flying Fingers Yarn Shop Date: Aug 7, 2008 3:21 PM Subject: Lulu s Pie in the Colinette
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      Note the Colinette Skye is 50% off.

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      From: Flying Fingers Yarn Shop <info@...>
      Date: Aug 7, 2008 3:21 PM
      Subject: Lulu's Pie in the Colinette Skye Sale!
      To: Elizabeth Bracken <eabracken@...>

      Dear Elizabeth Bracken,
      Lulu's Pie in the Colinette Skye Sale

      Elise and her youngest daughter, Miranda, are in Arizona visiting Nanny & Poppy, so it is time for your favorite Flying Fingers' mannequin to take over. Yes, fellow fiberholics, it is I, Lulu, back in charge of the keyboard (but don't tell Amy!). There is still enough time this summer to make yourself one of those gorgeous Colinette Wigwam tank tops Elise is always making herself - I still say I look sexier in them. Four skeins of Wigwam will knit a medium sized tank and I'll make sure the pattern is included.

      Wigwam - 30% off

      Skye, that gorgeous worsted weight wool, is now discontinued from Colinette. (It's being replaced by gorgeous Iona, but Elise will tell you about that soon) Leave it to Flying Fingers to have a supply of Skye on hand. But Maxx (warehouse dude) and I think there needs to be more room on shelves for incoming Iona, so.......

      Skye - 50% off

      We'd better get this sale over with before Elise gets back or I'm in big trouble - she loves Skye! *
      Sale runs from today through Monday, August 11th, midnight EST.

      As always... happy, happy, Lulu ~

      *Please remember that in some colors, we may have limited quantities of Skye. Maxx promises to keep careful track and if we run out of a color, we will be in touch.
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