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666Re: [lincolnknitters] Trivia

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  • Joanne Neeley
    Mar 23 4:27 PM
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      I know this is a really old post, but I just got back from Minnesota and I am just now reading it. I attempted to knit a sweater using the continental style and my stitches are so loose that the resulting fabric looked awful. And my wrist bothered my very much--not while I was knitting--but later. I am hopeful to make the next Wilderness Perk knitting group, so I will watch all of you "continental knitters" and see if I can figure out what I am doing wrong. I do think it would be much faster if I ever got the hang of it.

      Elizabeth Bracken <eabracken@...> wrote:
      Maybe I am holding the yarn incorrectly, too.  Barb, will you show me how you figured out how to do it?  It's not that I can't knit continental- --it's that my tension is so much tighter so it must be how I've wound the yarn through my fingers. 

      On 3/12/07, Barbara McCall <barbmccall@alltel. net> wrote:
      This last weekend, I figured out why it is (was) so hard for me to
      knit continental style....I was holding the yarn improperly!
      Also, I am experimenting with rubbing silicone spray on my Denise
      needle cords to make the stitches slide more easily. So far, so good
      on this one. For a true test, I cast on 302 stitches using the size 5
      tips and wool yarn. This is the start of khaki Cables, Knitters
      Winter 2006. And yes, I am going to try to knit this sweater all

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