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217Re: [lincolnknitters] State Fair 2007

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  • Barbara McCall
    Aug 28, 2006
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      Wonderful!  I hope things heat up soon.
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      From: Julie Kundhi <jkundhi@...>
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      Date: Mon, Aug-28-2006 1:21 PM
      Subject: Re: [lincolnknitters] State Fair 2007

      I started having contractions today, but nothing consistent. Went to the dr. this morning and he said things are moving forward. I'm hanging out at home until I have to go to the hospital. I should be knitting the baby blanket, but I'm surfing mindless websites and taking naps.

      I guess that means I won't be there Saturday. Hopefully!

      http://www.kundhicr eative.com/ lincolnblog/


      > The forms aren’t too difficult. You just have to put their class/lot numbers
      > and their description for each category you want to enter something. Then you
      > just have to make a note to yourself what item you were actually intending on
      > entering. You get discount tickets ($3.25 each) if you buy them when you
      > submit your entry form. Otherwise there is no entry fee and no prize money
      > unless you get stuff like the Threads gift certificate. It’s just a matter of
      > sitting down and doing it. Maybe next year we can all bring our forms to Sit
      > and Knit and fill them out together.
      > Saturday probably isn’t going to work for me. The football game starts at 2:00
      > and I would never hear the end of it if I chose to leave and go knit instead
      > of watching the game. So in order to protect my status as a Husker fan at our
      > house, I think I’ll stay home…and knit (which will get me in more than enough
      > trouble as it is…something about this idea that you’re supposed to actually
      > watch the game, not just listen).
      > Has Julie had her baby yet? Netscape decided to update itself on my computer
      > (without my knowledge or consent) and in the process doing that erased all of
      > my bookmarks and it doesn’t come up when I google. Can someone forward me the
      > link again so I can hear the exciting news when it happens?
      > Tana
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      > Subject: [lincolnknitters] State Fair 2007
      > Amy, I would like to enter something in next year's State Fair, too.  Maybe we
      > can get Tana and Christy to walk us through the forms since we are newbies.  
      > If it doesn't rain this evening, I'm thinking I will go over to the
      > fairgrounds and take a look at everyone's entries. So Christy, what are you
      > going to buy with your gift certificate to Threads?
      > This coming weekend is a holiday weekend but I'll be in town and will be up
      > for knitting at Wilderness Perk, if anyone else wants to.  I'm going to paint
      > my dining room in the morning and I will be ready to stop at 3:00 and knit for
      > awhile!

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