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1022Re: [lincolnknitters] Calling for a dessert or two!

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  • Joanne Neeley
    Sep 14, 2007
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      I have become a Lincoln Knitters drop-out. Hope all of you have a great time on Saturday. I am sure you will!

      Jennifer McKitrick <jenmckitrick@...> wrote:
      I'm bringing brownies!


      --- Christy Nelson <sra_nelson@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > I don't have a babysitter yet so I haven't
      > volunteered to bring anything. I'm sure I'll find
      > somebody but I don't want you to count on my dessert
      > in case I don't make it. If I make it, you can bet
      > I'll have a diet Pepsi in tow!
      > Christy
      > Liz Andes Bracken <eabracken@gmail. com> wrote:
      > Is everyone on a diet???
      > I thought for sure that we'd have a couple of
      > dessert-makers volunteer for Saturday by now. I
      > just ordered the sandwich tray from Hyvee and Mary
      > Pat said she would bring chips. We don't need
      > anything fancy. Some homemade chocolate chip
      > cookies or brownies would round out our food groups!
      > I will also bring a couple of 2L bottles of Coke.
      > (You're on your own with the Pepsi, Christy!!!)
      > And I've got the paper plates and napkins.
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