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27Chromatography in Public Schools

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  • KGC4Dixie
    Aug 24, 2013
      Chromatography in Public Schools
      Bernhard Thuersam <bernhard1848@...>

      The racial integration of American schools was achieved through the
      judicial activism of Supreme Court justices who have no authority
      under the United States Constitution to create laws. Only Congress
      can legislate, though it has no authority over education in States.
      Bernhard Thuersam

      Chromatography in Public Schools:

      No one has yet constructively and pragmatically defined what
      “integration” in the schools requires. Enough survey work has been
      done to show that Negro parents, like white parents, are more
      interested in the quality of education than in the chromatic
      proportions of the classroom. Yet in every city so much emotion is
      spent weighing the numbers, the percentages, the admixture of black
      and white, that Negro leaders have convinced far too many of their own
      people that Negroes sitting together in one classroom retard each
      other’s education.

      In cities like Washington DC, where 80% of children in public schools
      are Negro, or areas like Manhattan, where 69% are Negro and Puerto
      Rican, “integration” could be achieved only by the most mechanical and
      arbitrary importation of white children from distant areas.

      So in the name of “integration” some Negro leaders, notable in Los
      Angeles and New York, are demanding that white children be transported
      into Negro slums to achieve proper chromatography. Few Negro leaders
      in New York dare denounce the idea publicly for fear they will be
      blasted by others of their race for being against “integration.”
      Meanwhile white parents can be tormented by a magnificently emotional
      appeal: “Integration means your kids will be forced on buses and
      shipped to Harlem with all those illegitimate and backward kids.”

      The kind of confusion set up by the word “integration” as applied to
      education is best reflected in a conversation with a bitter young
      Negro student leader in Chicago who began by listing as his No. 1
      demand of American society” separate but superior education for
      Negroes – if we could get it.”

      Then, after increasingly emotional talk for an hour, he took up the
      matter of cross-busing white children into Negro districts and said:
      “The white kids got to pay for what their parents did to us. Even at
      the age of 6, they got to pay – because they’re going to pay one way
      or the other. Besides, it will be good for them.”

      (Power Structure, Integration, Militancy, Freedom Now!, Theodore H.
      White, Life Magazine, November 29, 1963, pp. 78-80)

      "We believed we were right and have not changed our minds."

      You may of late be receiving e-mail stories not customarily read at
      this forum but nevertheless are a result of an overbearing and out of
      control New England government since the War of 1861 concluded its
      military troop movements against Dixie. These updates, however, are
      of utmost concern and possible danger to our citizens being
      represented by same and should be heeded in travel, work and play.

      These issues are but recent example of similar outrages experienced
      during Reconstruction though time may have blurred lines of a start
      and ending period by any measure of those post-war laws of conquest.