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13Abraham Lincoln on his pet pig...

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  • plantslovefruitarians
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Abraham Lincoln on his pet pig...

      from The Speaking Oak, by Ferdinand C. Iglehart and reproduced by http://peta.net

      "That pig was my companion [at age 6]. I played with him, I taught him tricks. We used to play `hide and go seek.' I can see his little face now peeping around the corner of the house to see whether I was coming after him. After a while he got too heavy for me to carry him around, and then he followed me everywhere—to the barn, the plowed ground, the woods. Many a day I have spent in the woods brushing the leaves away and helping him to find the acorns and nuts. Sometimes he would take a lazy spell and rub against my legs, and stop in front of me, and lie down before me, and say in a language which I understood: "Abe, why don't you carry me like you used to do?"
      noahg/cc by 2.0

      "There was talk about the house of the hog being fat enough to kill. At the table I heard father say he was going to kill the hog the next day. My heart got as heavy as lead.

      "The next morning … I slipped out and took my pet with me to the forest. When father found out…he yelled as loud as he could, `You, Abe, you, Abe, fetch back that hog!' … The louder he called, the farther and faster we went, till we were out of hearing the voice. We stayed in the woods till night.

      "On returning, I was severely scolded. After a restless night, I arose early and went to get my pig for another day's hiding, but found that father had arisen before me and fastened my pet in the pen. I knew then all hope was gone. I did not eat any breakfast, but started for the woods. I had not gone far when I heard the pig squeal, and knowing what it meant, I ran as fast as I could to get away from the sound.

      "Being quite hungry, at noon I started for home. Reaching the edge of the clearing, I saw the hog, dressed, hanging from a pole…and I began to blubber. I could not stand it, and went back into the woods again, where I found some nuts that stayed my appetite till night, when I returned home. They never could get me to take a bit of the meat…it made me sad and sick to even look at it."