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Choosing to Believe in the Unlimited Love and Blessings of Spirit by DL Zeta

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    Choosing to Believe in the Unlimited Love and Blessings of Spirit by DL Zeta At a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2012
      Choosing to Believe in the Unlimited Love and Blessings of Spirit
      by DL Zeta

      At a time when intentions manifest at warp speed and our every
      expression reflects our inner world with perfect transparency, it is a
      good time to visit the beliefs that determine the shape and form of the
      realities we manifest. Our beliefs narrow or expand our field of
      potentials and determine the timelines we will move along. As we move
      further into the new time, the power of our beliefs becomes more
      profound than ever before.

      Beliefs are filters we place on reality. Everyone holds beliefs about
      themselves, about others, the nature of reality and the universe. Some
      beliefs empower us while others disempower us. The good news is that
      it's just as easy to hold an empowering belief as it is to hold a
      disempowering one. It's just as easy to believe in a world that radiates
      the unlimited love and blessings of spirit as it is to believe in a
      world where pain, suffering and struggle are our fate.

      Shining the Light of Awareness on Beliefs

      You can examine your beliefs to see if you hold any that are holding you
      down. For a time you may choose to become a detective of your life to
      shine the light of your awareness on your beliefs. Ask yourself what you
      believe about your potentials and your love-ability. Ask yourself what
      you believe you deserve.

      It is also helpful to ask yourself how you see others and the world
      around you. Do you believe others love and support you, or do you
      believe others use you toward their own ends and abandon you when you
      need them most? Do you believe the saying that 'no good deed goes
      unpunished' or do you believe the good you do returns to you tenfold?

      Do you believe in the divine wisdom of the universe or do you believe
      you are a hapless pawn in the hands of a hostile and punishing god? Are
      you a victim or an empowered being who creates your own realities? The
      identities you hold offer important clues to your beliefs.

      Your Beliefs are Real and True for You

      Any belief you hold is real and true for you. If you believe you're
      unloved, you will live your life as if this is true. If you believe
      you're loved for the unique qualities you possess as a human being, you
      will feel loved and you will live your life accordingly. When you feel
      loved you will love. When you love, you open the door for more love to
      flow into your life.

      Testing the Beliefs you Hold

      There are some simple tests you can apply to your beliefs. One way to
      tell if you have beliefs that don't serve you is to hold a belief in
      awareness and ask yourself if the belief empowers you to reach the
      highest and best in the universe or does it bind you to dense realities
      that limit and disempower you? Pay attention to your feeling state when
      you focus on the realities your beliefs create. Do you feel angry or
      agitated or do you feel happy and at peace?

      Here is another test. Imagine you're holding a belief in your hand. Does
      it feel heavy and leaden or do you feel yourself lift off the ground as
      you hold it? What brings you down is a belief you can let go of. What
      lifts you up is a belief that holds the power to lift you to your
      highest potentials.

      Everyone Deserves Love

      One reason some hold disempowering beliefs is that they feel they don't
      deserve to be loved and empowered. Unfortunately this is a core belief
      that can disable a lot of empowering beliefs. The solution to this is
      simple: adopt the belief that each person, as a spark of spirit, is
      deserving of the best the universe has to offer. Each person inherently
      deserves unconditional love and the blessings of the universe. So long
      as you sincerely believe good things are the birthright of every person,
      you'll be able to extend this belief to yourself as well. When you
      believe you deserve the best the universe has to offer, each day becomes
      a joyful journey along timelines where you experience ever expanding
      realms of love and bliss.

      For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity
      Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

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