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8Interest in the bascis of Home Schooling?

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  • bmsah0308
    Jun 29, 2009
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      I am Marie Ferreira. For those of you who don't know me, I have been apart of the LIFE group for about five years and have been home schooling for at least ten. My oldest will be beginning high school in the fall and my youngest will begin some kindergarten.

      I'd like to invite you all to a weekly small-group meeting at my house starting this fall. I thought it might be helpful to meet and connect with other homeschoolers in a small-group setting where we can share teaching ideas, struggles, fellowship, and get practical help.

      I know several of you are just starting home schooling this year, and thought it might be particularly valuable for you to get your questions answered and connect with other new homeschoolers. I also thought some of those of you who've been home schooling already, like me, would enjoy meeting in an informal setting to share and grow together.

      We'll be working through "Home Education 101," a book written by Vicki Bentley, a mom of 17 home schooled students, who has LOTS of down-to-earth, practical ideas to share. The book covers:
      - getting started,
      - choosing curriculum,
      - organizing your time,
      - getting dinner on the table (the same day you home school!)
      - teaching tips, and
      - organization, as well as sharing some lessons she learned over the years.

      Although I've been home schooling awhile, I learned a lot as I read through it!
      Vicki Bentley wrote the book specifically for small groups to work through. It takes about nine weeks total. You can learn more about Vicki on her web page www.everydayhomemaking.com.

      I haven't decided yet what day or time we'd meet, as I figured I'd try to find something that would work for those who are interested.

      So…if you're interested or would like more details, please e-mail me at bmsah0308@... or give me a call at (508) 824-0573.

      All to Jesus,
      Marie Ferreira