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262RE: [lifecoast_lifecycle] Lots of free stuff

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  • Josh and Heather Scofield
    Aug 3, 2010

      New additions to the list:


      Small bag of dollhouse furniture

      Misc shelving units (2 units are small and particle board, medium oak-color finish with two shelves  and 1 small wire utility shelving thingy)

      Bag of boys shirts sizes 5 and 6/7.

      Set of 16 hardcover Childcraft books.




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      Hi all!


      Not much room in the moving truck. Going to start posting items up here. Let me know if there’s something (or a bunch of things) you can use.  After 48 hours, if nobody’s expressed an interest, items will go to Goodwill. Email   headlineheather@ gmail.com   More to come as the week progresses.  Be blessed. Heather.


      Mens Golf club set and bag

      Youth golf club set and bag

      14” CRT computer monitor

      16” CRT computer monitor

      5’ wooden ladder

      2 rectangular folding tables (great for kids’ birthday parties)

      Bike rack for car, van, truck

      Piano (sounds good, holds a tune, has cosmetic blemishes)

      Black, two-drawer metal file cabinet

      Electronic piano w/ ac adapter. (not a fullsize keyboard, older, good for a child)

      Fushia wrought iron doll cradle

      Bag of toy food and dishes

      Large stuffed dog, pink and white (great TV watching friend for toddler)

      Pink pushalong Barbie car

      Small Teapot-shaped rug in pastels for girl’s room

      Boys Nascar Race Track, battery powered, two cars, still in original packaging

      Original Leap Pad System and several games/books/ cartridges

      Box of children’s books, hard and soft cover

      Whitewashed solid wood dresser, three drawers, smooth tracks—w/ matching mirror

      Stainless steel / deep red Crock Pot slow cooker, 5 gal.



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