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111Family Christmas Blessing ISO Help

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  • Cyndi Bryant
    Dec 2, 2008
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      I have a family that has recently contacted me, letting me know that
      they are both unemployed at the moment and have asked if I know of
      anyone for 'Christmas help' for their kids.

      I must mention that this family is the first to 'step up' and help
      many, many families in the Palm Coast Community...including
      fundraiser's for children's operations in Palm Coast, family outreach,
      community events for families in Palm Coast and so many more too list.
      They are both generous with their heart, compassion and when employed
      their funds... This of course is a 'hard thing' to ask...."help".....

      I am just going to list their children's size's and 'wish list'. I
      know this is a very difficult time for all families as our economy has
      stretched us all...... I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and
      theirs, for any consideration.
      God Bless Cyndi Bryant
      You can contact me: Cell Phone 386-503-4676
      Private Email: czbcbred@...

      Girl is 6 size 6 shirts,6 slim pants,(Needs warm pjs no feet) likes
      Pet shop,web kinz ,any thing girly bratz,Barbie,polly pocket,wants
      little pet shop for her Nintendo Ds and or build a bear

      Boy is 11 size 12 slim pants 14-16 shirts wants a skate board
      sweatshirt like at bealls quick silver or Dc ,anything skate boarding
      ,anything electronic,Loves the knit skate hats,wii games,doesn't play
      with toys too much any more.

      Girl is 15 ,Jrs size 5 pants med in Jr Shirts large in sweat shirts
      she just wants clothes she said this yr

      Girl is 14 size 13 pants large shirts ex large sweat shirts JRS.

      Both girls need make up of course! Anything from hollister or
      aeropstale, they have great clerance stuff,gift cards are usually best
      for teen age girls
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