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PRESS RELEASE: Extortion and Bribery are Crimes! Only for Some

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Education Extortion and Bribery are Crimes! Only for Some =================================== Put your money where your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2002

      Extortion and Bribery are Crimes! Only for Some

      "Put your money where your mouth is Mr Williamson and resign." demanded
      Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Associate Spokesman for Education
      Deregulation after hearing Morris Williamson calling for a major clean out
      of the National Party following their abysmal election results.

      "Mr Williamson stated his regret that his party didn't have enough funds to
      send out 5000 pamphlets informing students that if elected his party would
      write off student debt over a five year period.' Osborne continues, "While
      making this very generous, belated pledge Mr Williamson would not have been
      sparing a second thought for those whom he was intending, with the use of
      force, to pick up this bill - the taxpayer."

      Mr Osborne adds, "Later in the interview Mr Williamson mentioned the need to
      return the party back to a more principled philosophy and used this argument
      to back up his claim for a major clean out. Well Mr Williamson you have
      just shown yourself to be the hypocrite that you are and that you have no
      principles of your own. You were quite happy to buy the student vote with
      money that you had not earned nor had you a moral right to."

      Mr Osborne offers some advice to The National Party, "It is not because of
      this or that billboard slogan - or the lack thereof - that caused your
      collapse. It was in fact your total lack of principle that caused your party
      to fall on its own sword this election. You must eject people of Mr
      Williamson's ilk as he has shown that he would drop his principles anytime.
      If you can't manage this then change your party colours to red."

      Mr Osborne concludes " The Libertarianz founding principle is to uphold the
      rights of the individual. This means allowing EVERYONE to keep the money
      that THEY earn to spend wherever THEY wish; away from the grubby hands of
      politicians who would use this ill-gotten loot as a bribing tool to further
      their own interests. If students wish to go into debt to further their
      education, that is their choice and their responsibility. Libertarianz
      would outlaw the use of extortion across the board. This includes
      politicians and bureaucrats."
      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!


      For more information contact:
      Peter Osborne
      Phone: 0274 326 005, e-mail: ospar@...
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