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Prebble With a Cause: Theft

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    Press Release Libertarianz Rugby World Cup Prebble With a Cause: Theft ==================== Richard Prebble s call for Trevor Mallard s head to roll causes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2002
      Press Release
      Rugby World Cup

      Prebble With a Cause: Theft

      Richard Prebble's call for Trevor Mallard's head to roll causes Libertarianz
      leader Russell Watkins to ask: "Is it because Trevor has overseen the
      dumbing down of schools? No. Is it perhaps because Trevor is dragging
      early-childhood teachers out of their classrooms so he can forcibly re-train
      them? No," says Watkins, "it is neither of these things. Richard is upset
      that Trevor is not spending enough taxpayers' dollars on rugby!"

      Watkins says that 'Dick Prebble and his Association of Compulsion Touters
      obviously needs a lesson in economics. "Let me remind Mr Prebble," says
      Watkins, "that the government has no money of its own to spend. Let me
      remind him that every dollar government spends must first be stolen from
      taxpayers by the Inland Revenue Department - stolen from taxpayers like Ian
      Mutton, who died of their attentions."

      "I don't give a hairy rat's arse whether Richard thinks '$5 million dollars
      for the World Cup would have been a good use of taxpayers' money' as he said
      today - it is not Richard's money to spend!" thunders an outraged Watkins.
      "It is ours!"

      Watkins note that Richard Prebble has now been in parliament most of his
      adult life - "in fact," says Watkins, "he has been there longer than any MP,
      with the single exception of taxi-cab fetishist Jonathan Hunt. Obviously
      living off stolen money all that time has led Richard to develop his own
      fetishes and weaknesses, including an inability to distinguish right from

      "Don't be fooled," advises Watkins. "If you believe in freedom and
      individual rights then you should shun the Association of Compulsion Touters
      at this election. Their fingers itch far too readily at the prospect of
      getting them inside your pocket."

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz - in Wellington Central,
      Whangarei, Tauranga, Hamilton West and New Plymouth.


      For further information please contact:
      Russell Watkins
      Ph: (07) 543 3136, hooligan@...

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