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Policy Release: Libz Solution to Another State-School Disaster

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    Policy Release Libertarianz Education Libz Solution to Another State-School Disaster ================================ Trevor Mallard has received a report
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2002
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      Policy Release

      Libz Solution to Another State-School Disaster

      Trevor Mallard has received a report showing there are reputedly 'practical'
      and 'realistic' ways to reduce workload associated with the implementation
      of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. "Libertarianz
      however have a far superior approach to repairing this problem," said Peter
      Osborne, releasing the Libertarianz Policy to Deregulate Education today:
      "Do away with NCEA altogether," hre says, "and do away with the state's
      control of childrens' education. It has led to nothing but disaster!"

      "The NCEA was only ever a tool for the Labour Government to pull teachers
      into line, and to further dumb down education," says Osborne. "It must be
      stopped. New Zealand's factory schools were only ever a tool to ensure that
      teachers peddle whatever politically-correct mumbo jumbo the Government
      wishes to force on your children - that too must be stopped."

      "Literacy levels are the lowest ever, yet the taxpayer is footing the
      largest education bill in this country's history," notes Osborne. That
      apparent contradication, he suggests, can only be resolved when you realise
      that literacy has never been a primary goal of the state's factory schools -
      "their goal," says Osborne "has always been control of New Zealand's youth -
      corralling them into becoming compliant political cannon fodder."

      "The truth is that education in the government's factory schools is pumping
      out an ever-increasing number of functionally illiterate and unemployable
      youths - good for nothing beyond stuffing a ballot box," says Osborne. "As
      the polls are showing, this system seems to be working. Most people are
      unable to even see the writing on the wall." Mr Osborne explains this point.
      "The state education system is completely unsustainable; it is only a matter
      of time until it collapses altogether. The cost to us all will balloon to
      breaking point and the social result will be retards by the thousands who
      won't make it to a job interview as they can't even read a bus timetable."

      Mr Osborne concludes with an excerpt from the Libertarianz Education Policy:
      Indoctrination of impressionable young minds by 'politically correct' social
      engineers will be ended as a matter of urgency. Libertarianz will give
      schools back to their communities - literally - with ownership in existing
      schools transferred to parents & teachers in the form of transferrable
      shares.. Libertarianz will ultimately privatise ALL educational institutions
      and leave decisions regarding curricula up to the schools. Parents will then
      be able to choose the school that best reflects their own beliefs about

      The full policy follows below. For further information, please contact Peter
      Osborne, Libertarianz Associate Spokesman to Deregulate Education, (0274)
      326 005, ospar@...


      Education Policy: Take Back Your Schools!

      Few systems boast incentives more perverse than public education, where
      teacher's tenure - not merit - is remunerated, students with an "appetite
      for destruction" are coddled with therapy, and school failure is rewarded
      with an increased budget. And these are the least offensive facets of
      child-centred, progressive public education. It's a sluggard of a system,
      and it's turning out bumper crops of ignoramuses, which, all too often, have
      no more than dangerously inflated self-esteems to show for years of
      compulsory attendance.
      ******Ilana Mercer

      The state has no business in education. It has signally failed in the job,
      and its compulsory factory-schools are little more than politically-correct
      brainwashing factories wherein children's minds are turned into mush.
      Literacy levels are less than they were a century ago, and students now
      spend more time absorbing the politically-correct mush with which they are
      spoon-fed than they do learning how to use the minds they were born with.

      Since their inception, state schools have indoctrinated children with the
      State's chosen values - and it is the only thing at which they have been
      truly efficient! Half a century ago, the State's values dictated that
      children were not allowed to speak Maori in schools; half a century later we
      can't enter a classroom without a waiata being sung! The Greens' education
      policy is a prime example:" compulsory Maori, but nothing to improve liteacy
      or numeracy. It is time to remove the State's values from the schools
      forthwith; it is time that school and state be separated, in the same way
      and for the same reasons as the separation of church and state.

      Libertarianz, if elected, would return people's tax money to allow them to
      make their own choices in education. We would privatise all education
      institutions and outstanding student loans, sell off the student-loan scheme
      and abolish all forms of government allowances and subsidies.

      Libertarianz, in short, advocates giving the schools back to the parents -
      quite literally!

      Libertarianz says:
      · Abandon taxpayer-funded payments to all schools forthwith, and
      hand over the title deeds and keys of each school to the teachers and the
      boards of trustees who are currently running them under the encumbrance of
      state control, and to the parents of the children currently suffering there.
      Between them, they may run them as they see fit.
      · Remove all govt enforced schooling attendance regulations.
      Parents will be free to educate their children as they wish.
      · Abolish all state-mandated curricula, qualification and
      registration requirements, and all other state requirements restricting the
      pursuit of excellence and achievement in schools. Educators will be free to
      promote their own methods in an open market to a clientele who have their
      tax dollars back in their pockets.
      · Privatise the Education Review Office. It's expertise can still
      be made available to whomever wants to pay for it.
      · Sell off the student loan scheme, at whatever rate it will earn.
      · Abolish the Ministry of Education, the NZ Qualifications
      Authority and all the related alphabet agencies that have overseen the
      mind-washing of our young.

      The new owners of these schools and tertiary institutions - the parents,
      teachers and trustees - would have just been handed a valuable tradable
      asset: if they need any transitional funding they will be able to sell
      equity, take on debt, or enter into whatever lease-back deals they can
      negotiate. They will be left free to sell all or parts thereof; to run
      whatever curriculum at whatever hours they think will bring in customers;
      and to hire, fire or retire any or all staff. They will be left free to
      profit from their new schools in whatever way they wish, and to pay
      teachers whatever they think they are worth.

      Teachers Colleges will not be sold. Instead, and as a matter of urgency,
      Libertarianz says that Teachers Colleges around the country should be burnt
      to the ground, in the hope that the politically-correct evil oozing from
      them for so long can be eradicated permanently from our culture!

      Government is the organisation that holds a monopoly on physical force - it
      is not appropriate that such an organisation educates children. As in all
      things, libertarians say that those paying the piper should call the tune,
      and be free to choose their piper they wish to hire - no one should be
      forced to pay for a service they don't want to fund. And NO-ONE should be
      forced to pay for or to send their children to an institution they despise.

      As celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright said many years ago, "mass
      production in education appeals to us as a prostitution we are not inclined
      to encourage. . . . Not only do I regard the thing miscalled education as
      murder, but a worse form of murder than war because war disposes of the
      carcass, while [your] so-called education murders the soul and leaves the
      dead to walk for a lifetime."

      Libertarianz says we should end the murder now!

      Education Q&A:
      Q: While I can support the argument of freeing taxation to enable
      individuals to choose and pay for the education of their liking, this
      assumes that the persons making this decision will look to provide their
      children with an education.
      In the current 'handout' climate how will we educate the children of those
      members of our society who do not have a sense of responsibility for
      providing for their children and expect the state to pay for and provide ?
      Surely the children who are left to be "brought up" by such people will get
      no education and become alienated and disenfranchised due to their parents
      irresponsibilities and through no fault of their own?

      I agree wholeheartedly that we, as adults , make choices and are responsible
      for those choices and the consequences of them - but are children able to do
      so ? And should they suffer because of the choices their parents make or
      fail to make? Unfortunately, not all parents are responsible.

      A: Let me say first that underlying all Libertarianz policies is the desire
      to free up people to make their own choices, and to take responsibility for
      those choices. Necessary to that is a change in the culture in order to
      diminish the 'handout culture' you recognise as wrong. After all, if we
      don't get rid of the handout culture, then children will continue to grow up
      learning that no sense of individual responsibility is necessary!

      And isn't that exactlly what they are growing up with now? Hasn't the state
      assumed responsibility for all of us in the name of looking after those few
      who cannot help themselves? And over time, aren't fewer and fewer actually
      able to look after themselves? The fact is, it is not up to government to
      ensure that parents or guardians will look to provide their children with an
      education. That is not the state's responsibility: It is up to the parents.
      As you say, this may not be the choice of everyone, but I think perhaps you
      are confusing education with schooling.

      The fact is that attending govt approved factory schools is compulsory at
      present, but education is not! In many cases, education is what children get
      'after hours' - after they complete their day at the government's factory
      schools. Many of the factory schools are attended only because they are
      compulsory, and would not be able to attract anyone otherwise. Must the
      state force parents to send children to these (at best) glorified day-care
      centres? Are they so bad that children would not attend them if they weren't

      What it comes down to I guess is this question: How can children learn to
      abhor aggression when they are taught in a school system built on
      aggression? How can they learn to abhor theft when they are taught in
      schools funded by theft? Do we expect them to disregard these lessons
      offered to them? Why should we be surprised when many of them then conclude
      that theft is efficient, and that force is necessary to success?

      In any case, the school system is not efficient. That is, it is efficicient
      in one area only - it is terribly efficient at transmitting the values of
      the State. Fifty years ago you were hit if you talked Maori in school; today
      you are admonished if you don't. As the state's values change, so are
      children made to follow.

      But the factory schools don't keep up with real change. A recent report by
      the U.S. National Center for Policy Analysis concluded: "In no other
      industry in U.S. history has there been so little technological change as in
      the field of public school education." NZ schools are no different - we now
      have parliament arguing whether schools should be 'allowed' to teach phonics
      again, decades after phonics was abandoned by the politically correct
      state-school monopoly, and long after private practitioners - who kept the
      phonics flame alive - have demonstrated the disaster of 'look-say' reading.

      Isn't it best we simply removed this state-school monopoly?

      Schooling is not education, and not all education is done in schools. But
      once the monopoly is broken, factory schools will need to change in order to
      induce attendance rather than force it, and then they might get rather
      closer to educating children rather than dumbing them down.

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