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Libertarianz Policy Release - 'Single Issue' Policy

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    Policy Release Libertarianz Environment Libertarianz - Single Issue Policy ======================= The Greens say that The Environment is the single issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2002
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      Policy Release

      Libertarianz - 'Single Issue' Policy

      The Greens say that 'The Environment' is the single issue in this election
      campaign. Libertarianz environment deregulation spokesman Peter Cresswell
      agrees: "The single issue IS the environment," affirms Cresswell. "The human

      Releasing the first plank of the Libertarianz environment policy today
      Cresswell explains that "the human environment is the one in which we all
      live and work, and it is the human environment we must protect," says
      Cresswell. "We must protect it most importantly from environmental zealots
      who would use environmentalism as a Trojan Horse for authoritarianism."
      Cresswell says that "there is no reason to tie us up with authoritarian
      rules and regulations in order to protect 'The Environment' - as the green
      religionists would have us do, and no reason to provide work for the army of
      consultants who feed off these rules."

      "What protects both the environment in which we live AND the human
      environment is property rights," affirms Cresswell, who maintains that
      property rights have become buried by the last dozen years of environmental
      legislation in this country. "It is property rights that protect human
      freedom AND the environment," he says. "It is property rights that
      environmental zealots have all but destroyed in this country - and it is
      property rights that form the heart of the Libertarianz policies for the
      environment - the human environment."

      It is this thinking that underpins the first plank of Libertarianz
      environmental policy: the abolition of the Resource Management Act.

      Resource Management Act - Abolish it!

      This Act has nationalised land in this country, and ruined many hard working
      New Zealanders. It is time to recognise it as the excrement that it is, and
      dump it.

      The RMA upholds the toxic collectivism of kaitiakitanga - or stewardship -
      while completely ignoring property rights; it upholds the nonsense of
      'intrinsic values' while destroying distinctively human values; it touts
      'effects-based planning' while regulating and prohibiting human activities;
      it has empowered an enormous army of consultants to interpret and manage
      it - an army set to increase under the proposed amendments in both number
      and cost.

      It protects trees, rocks and mud puddles while providing no protection for
      human life; it protects future generations while making it virtually
      impossible to build the infrastructure these generations will need. It fails
      to even mention property rights in its 455 pages, while harbouring a savage
      penalties regime of fines up to $200,000, and up to two years in jail!

      It is supported by EVERY party in this current parliament, yet it has seen:
      - Auckland held to ransom as roading projects sit on consultants' desks
      - Whitianga held to ransom for the edification of a very stupid woman;
      -·beachfront property virtually nationalised;
      - farmers held to ransom as they find their land nationalised to become
      so-called 'Significant Natural Areas';
      - ·a Waiheke developer ruined because the RMA allowed Council to dump raw
      sewage on his boundary fence;
      - ·tribal witchdoctors charging $80 an hour to ward off 'evil spirits';
      - Waitakere property owners fined $75,000 for clearing trees in order to lay
      a driveway;
      -·a Wairarapa farmer given 6 months Periodic Detention and a fine of $26,000
      for excavating a small part of his Wairarapa property in preparation for a
      paua pond; ·
      - beachfront property owners prohibited from building new dwellings, and
      prosecuted for preventing their existing houses from falling into the sea;
      -·New Plymouth beachcombers prosecuted for collecting driftwood.

      The RMA is routinely used by businesses to stymie their competitors, and by
      tribal savages to practice extortion on their neighbours.

      This Act is toxic. It must go!

      It is often defended - despite its obvious poison - because it is claimed to
      provide environmental protection, yet it has seen:
      - consents issued to a developer to dump sewage effluent directly into an
      ocean outfall at Akaroa;
      - consents issued·to a Pulp and Paper Mill to dump toxic waste into the
      Tarawera River;
      - consents issued to a Meremere landfill to dump toxic leachate into the
      Waikato River.

      This Act has, in short, been a disaster both for the environment and for
      property owners. It must go!

      "If anyone thinks there is an easier way," waffled pretentious poseur Simon
      Upton - who oversaw the introduction of this excrement, "then I suspect
      their view of the issue is simplistic and their imagined solution
      inadequate." Such is the ignorance of this former Minister of Mud Puddles
      that he ignores completely the eight hundred years of common law history
      that arose precisely to manage just such situations.

      And such is her hatred for humanity that Jeanette Fitzsimons boasts that her
      Environment Select Committee will make the Act even more onerous after this
      election! And Minister Marian Hobbs agrees!! Not one party in this current
      parliament opposes this legislation.

      It is time to drive a stake through the heart of the Resource Management
      Act. It is time to replace it with common law protection of private property

      No other party is even remotely close to saying this. Only Libertarianz will
      dump it.
      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!


      For further information please contact:
      Peter Cresswell
      (09) 631 0034, organon@...

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