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Press Release: Kiwi Green, Tobacco And Life's Other Little Pleasures!

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    Press Release Libertarianz Kiwi Green, Tobacco And Life s Other Little Pleasures! ====================================== The Greens have one thing right -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2002
      Press Release

      Kiwi Green, Tobacco And Life's Other Little Pleasures!

      "The Greens have one thing right - legalize marijuana," says Libertarianz
      spokesman for Tobacco "and for life's other little pleasures" Joy Faulkner.
      "But," she says, they are also the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the
      campaign trail."

      "Greens want to partake in their pleasure while knocking mine," says
      Faulkner. "They want to talk about personal freedom with one breath, while
      taxing the hell out of my pleasure with their next. Well," she smiles, "it's
      high time these irresponsible hypocrites were smoked out."

      Faulkner points out that the Greens want the freedom to smoke what they
      like, but they want tobacco smokers and other taxpayers to pay for that
      freedom. "It is time that they acknowledged that if they want freedom, then
      they must be prepared to pay for it - they must be prepared to take
      responsibility for their actions."

      Asked for an example, Faulkner points to the selective statistic-collecting
      by doctors "which put all the blame for man's ills on the the beleaguered
      tobacco smoker. Case in point: If I go to a doctor with a dose of Bronchitis
      I am asked if I smoke; this is the only 'lifestyle' question I am asked. I
      am not asked if I smoke marijuana. Anything ingested into the lungs can
      cause many things blamed on tobacco smoking - these statistics are a crock!"

      Faulkner suggests that there are now as many people in this country smoking
      marijuana as tobacco, but no-one is asked that when attending a physician.
      "Tobacco smokers end up with the statistics though. How do we know that
      Maoris' poor health figures are not due to their statistically high use of
      marijuana? Answer: we don't, because they do not disclose this fact to their
      doctor because it is illegal. If we legalise all drugs then we can be clear
      about who and what is responsible for our afflictions and illnesses."

      Libertarianz say we should legalise all drugs for consenting adults, at the
      same time as we ensure that those using these drugs take responsiblity for
      their own health. "Freedom and responsibility - one is a flipside of the
      other," concludes Faulkner.

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!

      For further information, please contact:
      Joy Faulkner
      Spokesman to Deregulate Tobacco & Life's Other Little Pleasures
      (09) 2684251


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