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PRESS RELEASE: Anything That's Peaceful? Not the Greens!

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    PRESS RELEASE Libertarianz Young Nick s Head Occupation Anything That s Peaceful? Not the Greens! =========================== Be afraid, be very afraid!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2002
      Young Nick's Head Occupation

      Anything That's Peaceful? Not the Greens!

      "Be afraid, be very afraid!" announced Libertarianz Leader and Tauranga
      Candidate Russell Watkins today responding to the news that the Green Party
      believes the occupation of private land at Young Nick's Head is "necessary

      "How 'peaceful' is it to storm onto someone else's land and sit there, just
      because you don't like who is going to buy it? If the Green Party and
      protestors are that concerned about who owns the land, why didn't they raise
      money to put in a bid for it rather than use force?" asks an appalled
      Watkins, who points out that "Green eco-terrorists also claimed that
      breaking-and-entering and vandalising a Lincoln research lab was also,
      somehow, 'peaceful'!"

      Watkins says that in this age of home invasions and burglaries, it is
      disgusting that the Green Party has openly endorsed a rabble of individuals
      prepared to trespass on private land. Whose land will be next, he wonders:
      "Will it be your property that they suddenly decide is precious to some
      group for whatever spurious reason they have for trespassing and occupying
      it?" proclaimed a worried Watkins. "Will it be your property they next
      decide deserves to be vandalised?" Watkins says it is time voters confronted
      all of the parties on whether they believe in private property rights. "Tell
      the Green Party that trespass onto private land is illegal, immoral and
      unacceptable," he says.

      "Libertarianz is fundamentally committed to private property rights and to
      adult citizens interacting in voluntary and peaceful means - as libertarian
      Leonard Read once said: to 'Anything That's Peaceful.' The Greens by
      contrast believe in violence," Watkins concluded.

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz !


      For further information please contact:
      Russell Watkins
      Ph: (07) 543 3136, hooligan@...

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