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PRESS RELEASE: The Marlborough Corn-Field War

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    PRESS RELEASE Libertarianz Environment/Science The Marlborough Corn-Field War ======================= What s all the fuss about? asked Libertarianz Whangarei
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2002
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      The Marlborough Corn-Field War

      "What's all the fuss about?" asked Libertarianz Whangarei candidate Helen
      Hughes after watching a trembling Helen Clark defend her government's tacit
      approval of a genetically diverse maize crop to TV interviewer John-Boy

      "So what if some farmers harvested some high grade food? What's wrong with
      that?" she asked from her kitchen where she was dishing up another tasty
      batch of sweet-corn fritters with maple syrup.

      Between mouthfuls, Hughes says it should be pointed out that not one case
      has ever been demonstrated anywhere in the world of genetic modification of
      food causing death or disease. "It certainly has caused distress," she
      agrees, "but only amongst luddites and yellow journalists eager to beat up a
      story and to beat up the Prime Minister."

      The real excitement says Hughes is not the self-serving grandstanding of
      John-Boy Campbell, nor is it the lengths to which the news media will go to
      help the sales of a rather sorry litle book. It is "the internecine warfare
      amongst the parties on the hard left - the New Alliance, the Old Alliance
      and Locke's Luddites."

      Reminding voters that the leaders of the various splintering leftist parties
      would have all known about the crop in question at the time, she added:
      "Anderton and Harre were aware of this cornfield and kept quiet about it.
      Their few remaining supporters will be questioning just how committed Jim
      and Laila are to blocking the advancement of science and technology.
      civilised New Zealanders are silently applauding Helen Clark for allowing a
      GE crop to reach maturity."

      "Libertarianz believe a farmer should be able to grow whatever crop he
      wants - including genetically modified cannabis - provided he doesn't harm
      others in the process," concluded Highes. "If he does, the rule of law
      should be enforced to ensure that he compensates any victims who can prove
      demonstrably that they were injured by the farmer's actions."

      Paintergate - the teachers' strike - interference in crop farming - it's
      enough to make you vote Libertarianz! And you can - in Whangarei, Tauranga,
      Wellington Central, Hamilton West and New Plymouth.


      Helen Hughes
      Libertarianz candidate for Whangarei
      (09) 434 0595, organon@...

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