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PRESS RELEASE: Life in the Green Gulag

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    Press Release Libertarianz Environment Life in the Green Gulag ================ For anyone who has ever wondered what life under green rule would look like,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      Press Release

      Life in the Green Gulag

      "For anyone who has ever wondered what life under green rule would look
      like, with the release yesterday of the Greens' environmental policy they
      now have their answer: 'Rules, rules, and more rules'," says Libertarianz
      environment spokesman Peter Cresswell.

      "Nanny Fitzsimons apparently sees no 'problem' that can't be solved by
      letting a bureaucrat or six loose upon it," identifies Cresswell. "Greens'
      policy releases should perhaps be subheaded 'Bring on the Green Gulag' since
      that is where every new tax, every new prohibition and every new rule will
      take us: A life ruled by committee; with a wet-nurse in the chair. It really
      makes you wonder what motivates Fitzsimons' followers - 'the environment',
      or the rules?"

      Cresswell suggests the Greens' theme song is perhaps a paraphrase of the
      Wilson Picket hit: Ninety-Nine-and-a-Half Rules Won't Do - You Got to Have a
      Hundred! "Apparently this is what really gets them dancing," he says.

      Cresswell says that if 'the environment' is what they are concerned about
      then Fitzsimons' followers might observe that "the freest countries are far
      and away the cleanest, whereas it is the most authoritarian countries that
      are clearly the environmental basket cases. We will not serve either our
      environment or ourselves very well by making New Zealand an authoritarian
      basket-case, as Ms. Fitzsimons would have us do."

      "The Green prescription for everything is always less freedom and more
      government - as if that is any way to achieve rude health! The way to
      protect the environment and ourselves is not with more rules, but with
      fewer," says Cresswell, "not with weaker property rights but with stronger;
      not with less freedom and more government, but with more freedom and less

      "The best way to protect the environment is to de-polticise it," he says.
      "And the best way to protect our freedom is to ensure we do not institute
      any gulags - whatever their colour. We don't need another gulag!"

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz !


      For further information please contact:
      Peter Cresswell
      Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate the Environment
      (09) 631 0034, organon@...

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