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Press Release: Libz Campaigning for Freedom in Electorate Seats

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    Press Release Libertarianz Libz Campaigning for Freedom in Electorate Seats ===================================== The Libertarianz Party, the only party that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2002
      Press Release

      Libz Campaigning for Freedom in Electorate Seats

      "The Libertarianz Party, the only party that believes that people own their
      own lives, will be campaigning in the 2002 election for the electorate vote
      in five electorates, and in all others will be calling the other parties to
      account on individual liberties and rights" announced Libertarianz Leader
      and Tauranga Candidate Russell Watkins today.

      Watkins identified that, due to a technical administrative error, the party
      unable to contest the party list announced yesterday, but will be
      campaigning across the country on two levels:

      1. In Whangarei, Hamilton West, Tauranga, New Plymouth and
      Wellington Central, Libertarianz electorate candidates will "campaign for
      much-neglected electorate vote, where our candidates will talk to people
      directly in the old fashioned face-to-face way, instead of spin-doctoring
      messages for the mass media like the other parties. In these electorates,"
      says Watkins, "you can make a positive vote for your life and for freedom by
      electing, respectively, Helen Hughes, Tim Wikiriwhi, Russell Watkins, Mike
      Webber and Colin Cross."

      2. Across the rest of the country the Libertarianz Party will call the other
      parties to account, he says. Libertarians will be asking politicians "to
      honestly identify whether they believe adults own their own lives or whether
      ndividuals are merely tools to be controlled, regulated and stolen from for
      the 'greater good.'"

      "I have no doubt that this election will see New Zealanders eagerly electing
      another Nanny-knows-best government," says Watkins, "a government that
      thinks it knows best how to spend their money, how best to use (or not use)
      their property, and what they can and can't ingest or otherwise do with
      their bodies and lives."

      "It is going to take some years before New Zealanders are able to wean
      themselves from their dependency to the Nanny State - but like all
      dependency relationships, the first step is identifying the problem!"
      Watkins says the Libertarianz honest, principled stand is in contrast to the
      dishonesty of the other parties, who he says "feed off the dependency
      relationship. To shake of their Nanny-dependency, New Zealanders must first
      realise the ultimate dishonesty of being bribed at every election with their
      own money."

      "The other parties should come clean," he says. Politicians should, in his
      - "be honest that they want government to decide what happens to between a
      fifth and a half of people's own money;
      - be honest that they believe people can't run their own lives, raise their
      families and decide what's best for their kids' health and education;
      - be honest that they believe that adults don't own their own bodies, but
      must be incarcerated for ingesting substances they disapprove of;
      - be honest that they believe people's homes and land are not their own to
      decide what to do with, but should be controlled and regulated by the state
      and by councils;
      - be honest that none of them believe adults can run their own lives and
      make their own decisions."

      "It's time to come clean, "Watkins tells voters. "It's either your life or

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz !


      For further information please contact:
      Russell Watkins
      Ph: (07) 543 3136, hooligan@...
      Tina White
      Ph: (025) 669 1708, fozzy@...
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