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Press release: Libz Candidate List - Reluctant Politicans

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    Press release Libertarianz Candidate List Libz - Reluctant Politicians =================== Below is the Libertarianz party list for their third election since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Press release
      Candidate List

      Libz - Reluctant Politicians

      Below is the Libertarianz party list for their third election since
      registration in 1996 - as delivered this morning to the Chief Electoral
      Office in Wellington.

      Party leader Russell Watkins says of the list "it is still the best-looking
      party list on offer, though perhaps a little more 'follicly-challenged' than
      it has been in the past. As always, the list is packed with talented people;
      as always the list is packed with reluctant politicians - and as always,
      each reluctant candidate is aware that the only way we are going to get
      politicians out of our pockets, out of our lives, and off our backs is to
      stand against them."

      "At this election, and every election, you only have two clear choices,"
      affirms Watkins. "You have the choice of Nanny State in a dozen different
      guises, or you have the Libertarianz - the only party standing for the
      freedom of the individual."

      The list reads (with bios of the top ten below):

      1. WATKINS Russell
      2. McGRATH Richard
      3. HUGHES Helen
      4. WIKIRIWHI Tim
      5. WEBBER Mike
      6. CROSS Colin
      7. WHITE Tina
      8. CRESSWELL Peter
      9. O'BRIEN Sally
      10. LINTON Peter
      11. BATES Andrew
      12. RIDDLE Ken
      13. GORDGE Mike
      14. PATTERSON Keith
      15. WOOD Haden
      16. STURM Timothy
      17. MALONE Warrick
      18. COUPER Andrew
      19. OSBORNE Peter
      20. DARNTON Bernard
      21. CHARLTON Daniel
      22. COLE Barry
      23. HADEN Nik
      24. VERHOEVEN Willem
      25. TIMBERLAKE Larry
      26. MURPHY Michael
      27. FRASER Nanette
      28. FRASER Alan
      29. WINEFIELD Robert
      30. HURLEY Hank
      31. KIMPTON Sean
      32. RIDDLE Shirley
      33. GERVAI Linda

      Top-Ten Candidate Bios:

      1. Russell Watkins, Tauranga businessman and party leader, is standing
      against Winston Peters in Tauranga - a challenge he says that his time with
      the Royal New Zealand Artillery will help him with. "It taught me all I need
      to know about blowing away the big guns," he says with a smile.

      2. Dr Richard McGrath (party deputy) is a Masterton general practitioner,
      police medical officer and team doctor for the Wairarapa-Bush NPC rugby
      team. McGrath is a long-standing opponent of what he calls the state's
      "die-while-you-wait" health system.

      3. Helen Hughes is a silver-voiced Whangarei medical-marijuana campaigner.
      'Hooch' Helen, as she is known, is the party's Whangarei candidate, and like
      all libertarians a reluctant politician: "I dislike politics and have
      nothing but contempt for politicians," she says, "but how do we get them out
      of our lives unless we are prepared to oppose them?"

      4. Tim Wikiriwhi is a Hamilton fitter and turner, the party's Hamilton West
      candidate, and their spokesman to deregulate Maori Affairs. "As a
      libertarian," Wikiriwhi says, "I stand for equality before the law, and
      condemn any and all ideologies which grant privilege on the basis of race."
      He is utterly opposed to what he calls "the rampant state-sponsored
      apartheid" of Treaty laws and race-based legislation.

      5. Mike Webber, a New Plymouth helicopter pilot, is also the party's New
      Plymouth candidate. Mike is an enthusiastic hunter and a keen advocate of
      the rights of gun owners. Another reluctant politician, he says it is time
      New Zealanders open their eyes and take action: "Tell the corrupt and
      power-hungry politicians that they have had their grubby snouts in the
      trough of public money for too long and that the thieving must end. We must
      take up the fight for our freedom now," he says. "If not us, who? If not
      now, when?"

      6. Colin Cross, Wellington businessman and former teacher, is the party's
      Wellington Central candidate and an advocate of individualism. "Libertarianz
      is the only party that recognises an individual's right to own and manage
      his own life," he says. "This fundamental right, so seemingly obvious, is so
      easily destroyed by state intervention under the guise of well-meant
      support. The net effect of state aid is to destroy people's sense of self,
      to encourage guilt and self-loathing, and ultimately create dependency on
      further aid, similar to a drug addiction."

      7. Tina White is the party's dynamic President, a charity fund-raiser, and a
      New Zealand champion line-dancer. She is still mourning Italy's departure
      from the World Cup.

      8. Peter Cresswell is an Auckland architect, would-be classic car collector
      and the party's spokesman to deregulate the environment. He says that "New
      Zealand has had nearly a decade under the RMA, under planning legislation
      that abolishes property rights and provides no environmental protection. In
      doing so we have ignored eight centuries of common law that protects both.
      It is time to acknowledge the failure," he says, "and time to resurrect
      common law from where it has been buried."

      9. Sally O'Brien, an Auckland bookshop owner, is the party's spokesman to
      deregulate welfare. "Humanity has rightly rejected cannibalism as inhuman,"
      she says. "It is time that state welfare be recognised as moral cannibalism,
      and reviled as such."

      10. Peter Linton is a plastics engineer and a keen hunter & shooter. Peter
      has served ten years on the executive of the Sporting Shooters Association
      of NZ, with four of them as National Secretary. He endorses the right to
      bear arms in self-defence, "which should be included in this country's Bill
      of Rights. After all," he says. "if we have no right to defend ourselves we
      have no rights at all!"

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz !


      For further information please contact:
      Peter Cresswell
      Ph: (09) 631 0034, organon@...

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