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Labour's Carbon Tax: Uncertain, Bureaucratic

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Environment Labour s Carbon Tax: Uncertain, Bureaucratic Yesterday the Clark Government announced their cap and trade
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2007


      Labour's Carbon Tax: Uncertain, Bureaucratic

      "Yesterday the Clark Government announced their cap and trade system
      to be imposed upon local producers," says Peter Cresswell,
      Libertarianz Environmental Spokesman. "This is a system whereby a
      bureaucrat decides who can emit satanic gases and how much they can
      emit 'as of right,' after which producers must buy carbon indulgences
      from a supposedly developing market of such indulgences."

      "The Clark Government figures they need a flagship policy on which to
      hang their 'sustainable nation' claptrap, meaning they intend to go
      into next year's election on a policy of shackling industry and
      raising food, fuel and power prices."

      "Sounds like a winner," says Cresswell.

      "If - and it's a big IF - you're going to shackle industry in the name
      of better weather, then a carbon tax that at least offers some
      certainty to producers is better than a system whereby production is
      capped by bureaucratic fiat-- and a carbon tax whose rate is linked to
      actual global temperatures and that is a substitute for another tax is
      even better."

      "But such economic considerations don't bother a government in
      election mode who are blind to anything but electoral advantage --
      even if that perceived advantage is based on nothing more
      sophisticated than rising prices, a shackled industry and a pipe
      dream," Cresswell concludes.

      "And you can be damn sure it won't bother John Key and National
      either, who if elected wouldn't lift a finger to change a thing."

      "It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"


      For further information please contact:

      Peter Cresswell
      Libertarianz Environmental Deregulation Spokesman
      Phone/Fax (649) 631 0034, Mobile (021) 120 9443
      Email: peter.cresswell@...

      Libertarianz: More Freedom, Less Government
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