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Press Release: Women Granted Sovereignty Over Themselves

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    Women s Affairs Women Granted Sovereignty Over Themselves ===================================== The Libertarianz party s policy on women was announced today by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2002
      Women's Affairs

      Women Granted Sovereignty Over Themselves

      The Libertarianz party's policy on women was announced today by the party's
      Whangarei candidate, and their spokesman to deregulate woman's affairs,
      Helen Hughes:

      "Women will only have full sovereignty over their own lives once the state
      starts leaving them alone," says Hughes. "At present, the states confiscates
      vast amounts of their income - one partner in every family is working just
      to pay their tax bill - and this appalling situation must end. Laws
      interfering with women's rights to own their own body and their own property
      must be abolished. Laws outlawing voluntarily interaction with other women
      (and men) must be repealed," she says.

      "With Libertarianz, everyone will be equal under the law - none will receive
      special favours. Consequently, the Ministry of Women's Affairs will be
      abolished, along with all other unnecessary petty politically correct
      unproductive bureaucracies.Women will be free to live their lives, raise
      their children and be themselves, with the only limit being that they must
      respect the bodies and property of other women and men. They will also
      share legal and financial responsibility for the children they bear, with
      the father, and have equal legal rights to men."

      "In short, women and men will be treated equally by a Libertarianz
      government," Hughes concluded. "A government big enough to do everything for
      you is big enough to do things to you - as many of us have now come to
      realise. Accordingly, Libertarianz will leave women free to run their own

      It's enough to make you vote Liberianz!


      For further information please contact:
      'Hooch' Helen Hughes
      (09) 434 0595, organon@...
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