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Press Release: Your Babies, Not Mine

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    Welfare Your Babies, Not Mine As Paid Parental Leave comes into force today, Libertarianz spokesman Sally O Brien says that if people choose to have a family
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2002
      Your Babies, Not Mine

      As Paid Parental Leave comes into force today, Libertarianz spokesman Sally O'Brien says that "if people choose to have a family that is their business. It is not the responsibility of every other taxpaying New Zealander to pay a parent's salary whilst they 'bond'  with her baby for 12 weeks."

      "At present, one of every working couple is working just to pay off their annual tax bill. If leaving a parent at home with their children is the aim, then perhaps government could just stop taxing the hell out of all of us -  then one parent might afford to stay home," says O'Brien, her party's spokesman to deregulate welfare. "Instead, responsible people are taxed like all hell to pay for irresponsible people to have more babies. The domestic purposes benefit provides permanent paid parental leave, but where the DPB uptake is highest - in South Auckland - we also find that the hospitalisation rate for babies under one is also the highest. This is no coincidence," claims O'Brien.

      "Consider too that the reasons for paid parental leave are apparently
      compelling, but cannot be extended to self-employed women," adds
      O'Brien. "Apparently they can look after themselves." 

      "So why should I pay for somebody to enjoy the luxury of staying home with their baby? If the expectant mother, wanting three months off work, took up a collection in her local church or door-to-door in her neighbourhood, would we willingly put our hands in our pockets? I suspect most would think she
      had something of a cheek and that far needier causes took precedence."

      "We must not let governments impose a public morality that is out of
      step with our private morality," O'Brien insists.

      She ends with some advice, "Under Labour, expect anything defined as
      being 'in the public good' to be to the  private individual's detriment. 
      DON'T vote for more of this theft."

      "It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"

      For further information please contact:
      Sally O'Brien
      (09) 368 1466, sally.deb@...
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