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The Great Con That Is Social Welfare

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Social Welfare The Great Con That Is Social Welfare John Key s mumblings of The Kiwi Way: A Fair Go For All is typical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007
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      Social Welfare

      The Great Con That Is Social Welfare

      "John Key's mumblings of "The Kiwi Way: A Fair Go For All" is typical
      PC speak for further political meddling into our lives and more
      disastrous social engineering," says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz
      Welfare Spokesman. "Ever since Mr Key took leadership of the National
      Party he has shown more intent on winning votes than displaying a
      discernible alternative to Labour. Sadly all he can provide are
      imitation-Labour policies which will pull down the productive and
      reward the non-productive."

      "Like Labour, the National Party believes that it knows what is best
      for our lives and has the nerve to tells us that their interference is
      actually beneficial. Astoundingly the average Kiwi falls for it,
      despite the torrent of statistics showing the disastrous folly of
      compulsory welfare and other coercive restrictions and regulations."

      Mr Osborne continues, "Gang warfare, youth crime, drug abuse and
      extremely high suicide rates are a logical outcome when people are
      paid systematically to do nothing; to aspire to nothing. Life is
      altered, often irreversibly, from a future of possibilities and
      aspirations to an easy option of subsidised nothingness. The life of
      nothingness that is fostered by welfarism could only ever serve to
      degrade one's self value. It cheapens all of our lives."

      He concludes, "Libertarianz will dismantle the welfare system and
      trust relatives, friends, neighbours and charities to help those who
      are down on their luck. If life is to have any meaning or value
      people must help each other by choice, not through involuntary
      redistribution. Libertarianz will also set about unravelling all of
      the needless restrictions placed on our private and working lives."

      It's Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!"


      For more information contact:

      Peter Osborne
      Libertarianz Welfare Spokesman
      Phone: 021 326 091
      E-mail: peter.osborne@...

      Libertarianz: More Freedom – Less Government
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