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Cullen's Election Economics Ruining NZ

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Finance Cullen s Election Economics Ruining NZ The controversy surrounding Helen Clark s pledge card antics is now widely
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      Cullen's Election Economics Ruining NZ

      "The controversy surrounding Helen Clark's pledge card antics is now
      widely viewed as a cynical pilfering of taxpayer funds," said Greg
      Balle, Libertarianz Finance Spokesman. "But $8.5 billion of excessive
      tax, which went unreturned to taxpayers, seems to have escaped an
      equivalent moral judgement."

      "Before the 2005 election, Mr. Cullen was busy juggling the large
      numbers involved in 'voter bribes': $1 billion in interest free
      student loans and $1.6 billion "Working for Families" welfare
      packages." Balle points out: "In this context, the pledge card
      indiscretion of $0.0004 billion seems like pennies."

      "In New Zealand, the state is now responsible for more than 35% of
      reported economic activity; this is rising quickly under the socialist
      Labour government. The fact that any single entity has so much
      control over the financial well-being of New Zealanders is worrying
      enough but added to this is the unseemly, economically disruptive
      lolly scramble of excess taxpayer funds which occurs before
      elections." Balle compares this to the free market. "Financial
      markets perform in the most efficient and stable manner when there is
      certainty surrounding the economic environment within which they
      operate." Having a large government trying out new election bribes
      and prescriptive social policies every three years is disastrous.

      Libertarianz would reform the state such that it was involved in only
      5-10% of economic activity. "A low participation by the state in the
      national economy avoids any spending decisions being disruptive to the
      stable operation of free markets at all times, including in election
      years," Balle explains. "Excess taxation receipts from a highly
      successful economy would be returned promptly to taxpayers in the form
      of immediate tax reductions."


      For more information contact:

      Gregory J. Balle
      Libertarianz Monetary Finance Spokesperson
      Phone: 021 250 5430
      Email: greg.balle@...

      Libertarianz - More Freedom, Less Government
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