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ACT Truant on Freedom Pledge

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  • Peter Cresswell
    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Education ACT Truant on Freedom Pledge Proof that ACT are just another bunch of bullies, was the reaction from Peter
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2002
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      ACT Truant on Freedom Pledge

      "Proof that ACT are just another bunch of bullies," was the reaction from
      Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Associate Spokesman for Education Deregulation, after ACT Education Spokesman Donna Awatere Huata announced that she is drafting a private member's bill pushing for prison sentences for parents of repeat truants.

      "Mrs. Awatere Huata obviously thinks she knows what is best for the children
      of New Zealand, says Osborne. "Parents who don't want their children exposed to the government's factory schools will be thrown in the slammer if she has her way. This really exposes the ACT party for what they are - just as
      unprincipled as the rest, despite their party's stated principles of freedom
      and self-responsibility."

      Mr. Osborne has some advice for Mrs. Awatere Huata - "butt out, Donna!" He
      says that how people choose to raise their children is their own business, not hers. "There is actually a lot of learning to do in the school of life," he says, "and I think that this would be of a much higher quality than anything the State could ever force upon us." Osborne continues, "the really sad fact is that we are dictated to by the State what we shall learn, how we shall learn it, and how much we shall be forced to pay for it. If anyone says 'no more' to this real crime, then with Donna's say-so they would be imprisoned. The name 'ACT' really does fit - the 'Association of Compulsion Touters'."

      Mr Osborne concludes, "Libertarianz calls for separating school from State.
      Parents will be free to choose the education they wish for their own
      children. This may even mean no formal schooling at all, as Libertarianz
      recognise that these issues are none of the government's business."

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!


      For more information contact:
      Peter Osborne
      Phone: 0274 326 005, e-mail: ospar@...

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