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Libertarianz - "We are all Londoners today"

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    PRESS RELEASE LIBERTARIANZ Terrorism Libertarianz - We are all Londoners today ============================= Saddened and disgusted is how Libertarianz
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2005

      Libertarianz - "We are all Londoners today"

      "Saddened and disgusted" is how Libertarianz Leader and Wellington Central
      Candidate Bernard Darnton described the news of the terrorist bombing of
      London today. "We are all Londoners today," he says.

      "I join in the principled and wholehearted condemnation by Tony Blair of
      this vile act of murder. I am pleased that the Prime Minister, Don Brash
      and the Green Party have all come out against this attack, which is an
      attack on freedom, civilisation and humanity. I call upon all political
      party leaders, particularly the leader of the Mäori Party - who seems
      reticent when an African leader murders Africans - to join together in
      unanimous support for Tony Blair and the British people in recovering from
      and responding to this wholly unjustified attack."

      Darnton concluded "The sooner that the murderous scum of Al Qaeda and those
      that offer them support and succour are eliminated firmly and decisively the


      For further information please contact:

      Bernard Darnton
      Phone: 021 324 466, e-mail: bernard.darnton@...

      Libertarianz: More Freedom - Less Government
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