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Greens Tertiary Policy Indistinguishable From Theft

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    PRESS RELEASE LIBERTARIANZ TERTIARY Greens Tertiary Policy Indistinguishable From Theft ================================== The Greens are resorting to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2005
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      Greens Tertiary Policy Indistinguishable From Theft

      "The Greens are resorting to outright bribery in a bid to return to
      parliament after the next election, trying to woo tertiary students with
      dubious promises of a free education," says Libertarianz Hamilton East
      candidate, Robin Thomsen. "Nandor Tanczos would like to dress up the student
      loan scheme as 'intergenerational theft', although the system they would
      replace it with is simple full-scale burglary."

      "They would like to phase in free tertiary education and write off existing
      debt, although they seem oblivious to the fact that someone would have to
      pay for this 'free' education. The people to whom the education is not free
      are the poor long-suffering taxpayers, who -- you would think even the
      Greems might have noticed this -- are screaming out for tax cuts."

      Thomsen concludes: "Libertarianz would remove the state from all aspects of
      tertiary education and stop taxing the hell out of them. Supply and demand
      would lead to more people receiving training in trades (which New Zealand
      has a tremendous shortage of) and students would have to be realistic about
      their goals and with their money when enrolling in university courses. The
      student loan system would be scrapped and the 'debt tail' sold, and students
      would fund their courses the old fashioned way - through scholarships or
      personal means."


      Robin Thomsen
      p: 07 847 3074 m: 021 258 1569
      e: robin.thomsen@...

      Libertarianz - More Freedom - Less Government
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