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Libertarianz Abhor ARC Empire-Building

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    PRESS RELEASE LIBERTARIANZ Auckland Libertarianz Abhor ARC Empire-Building ============================= Leftwing local body empire-building is how
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005

      Libertarianz Abhor ARC Empire-Building

      "Leftwing local body empire-building" is how Libertarianz Deputy Leader and
      Auckland Central Candidate Stephen Berry described the attempt by Auckland
      Regional Holdings, an Auckland Regional Council (ARC) subsidiary, to take
      over full ownership of Ports of Auckland Ltd.

      "The ARC should be getting out of owning the port instead of increasing its
      80% ownership to 100%" said Berry. "How can the ARC justify taking rates
      from Aucklanders when it uses some of its cash reserves to take over a
      well-run company?"

      "Ports are competitive businesses, with shipping companies choosing the best
      port to meet their needs in the context of road, rail and coastal shipping.
      There is no need at all for local or central government to have any
      shareholding in a port, and instead an urgent need for them not to. In any
      cae, it is about time that Aucklanders were given the choice whether they
      wanted to own shares in the port or not - after all, it is Aucklanders who
      are paying for the ARC's empire-building purchase."

      Libertarianz maintain that there should be a complete separation of state
      and business, and would require Auckland Regional Council to give away its
      shares in Ports of Auckland Ltd to Auckland citizens, giving them a true
      public stake in the port. This would mean Aucklanders could choose whether
      they wanted to own a port, or to use the money for something else.


      Stephen Berry
      021 0375720

      More Freedom - Less Government
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