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Virtue By Force No Virtue At All

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      Virtue By Force No Virtue At

      "The Character Education Programme of New Zealand (CEPNZ) sounds like a good
      initiative but its promoters must remain mindful of their own
      responsibilities in taking on such a task." This from Peter Osborne,
      Libertarianz Spokesman For Education Deregulation, in response to a press
      release issued promoting the programme.

      Mr Osborne clarifies. "Firstly the CEPNZ's promoters say that they
      approached the Ministry of Education on numerous occasions to find ways to
      install character education in all schools. They also used four catch
      phrases to describe their principles, these being: honesty, responsibility,
      integrity and respect. The promoters themselves seem to be very selective
      about adhering to these principles, however."

      "Why have the CEPNZ promoters been lobbying the Ministry of Education to
      push their ideas?" he asked. "After all, the Ministry only operates by
      force. Their very survival is due to an extortion racket commonly known as
      tax. Whether parents like it or not their children are forced to attend
      school under threat of imprisonment. It is hypocritical, to say the least,
      that a group who wish to promote high moral standards in society would side
      with such moral bankrupts as the government. How can they hope to succeed
      in teaching morals when extortion is the method of delivery?"

      Osborne continues, "If the CEPNZ promoters wish to promote their virtues
      they must lead by example and behave as if they truly believe in their
      convictions. This can only be done by reason and persuasion. They seem to
      have gained a bit of success by this method with many schools choosing to
      follow their recommendations. But they must stop asking the government to
      force it upon New Zealand children."

      Mr Osborne concludes, "Libertarianz understand that a State that controls
      education will always see a continuous decrease in standards, both morally
      and intellectually. The New Zealand model is no exception. While the CEPNZ
      promoters try to patch over this problem, they will be a losing battle. The
      cause must be well and truly dealt with - the State must be excluded from
      education altogether. Anyone who wishes to encourage their children to
      think for themselves and to formulate their own moral standards must work
      towards this goal. The problem will not improve until this is achieved."

      Libertarianz: More Freedom - Less Government

      For more information contact:
      Peter Osborne
      Phone: 0274 326 005, e-mail: ospar@...

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