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Libz says Brash half right on crime

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    Press Release Libertarianz LAW & ORDER Libz says Brash half right on crime ... Dr Brash is half right - but the half he has wrong is very wrong, declared
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2004
      Press Release
      LAW & ORDER

      Libz says Brash half right on crime

      "Dr Brash is half right - but the half he has wrong is very wrong," declared
      Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today, responding to the launch of
      National's Law and Order Policy.

      "More preventive detention and tougher sentencing for repeat offenders are
      both measures to be applauded when applied to crimes of violence - that's
      what Dr Brash has got right," says Darnton. But he has concerns. "National's
      proposals will also apply tougher sentences for people imprisoned for
      victimless crimes," he says, "and reversing the burden of proof for
      defendants as he suggests simply undermines the National Party's professed
      belief in freedom."

      Darnton says that before the Brash regime is introduced, then victimless
      crimes such as laws on gambling and adult drug use should be removed from
      the books, along with the "obscenity" of jail-time for the likes of cutting
      down a tree on one's own land. "Abolishing these victimless crimes would
      allow police to focus on real crimes with real victims,"say Darnton, "and
      would remove drugs from the subculture of organised crime. Among
      Libertarianz' first moves would be wiping all such 'crimes' from the
      statutes and re-focussing the criminal justice system on offences that have
      real victims - something which is long overdue."

      Darnton also expressed concern at the policy of reversing the burden of
      proof for individuals suspected of gang involvement, requiring them to prove
      they legally acquired their property. "Overturning such long-held bulwarks
      of liberty as the presumption of innnocence smacks of authoritarianism -
      this disgusting proposal has the jackboots of Tony Ryall and Simon Power all
      over it. Libertarianz categorically opposes ANY reversal of the burden of
      proof for criminal law," affirms Darnton.

      "Dr. Brash's tough stand on crime is to be applauded - but real crimes only
      have victims, and a tough stand on victimless crime is the first step to a
      Police state. Only Libertarianz is committed to abolishing victimless
      crime!" he concluded.

      For more information contact:
      Bernard Darnton
      021 324 466

      More Freedom - Less Government
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