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Voluntary Euthanasia: Existing Law is an Ass

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EUTHANASIA Voluntary Euthanasia: Existing Law is an Ass ================================= The law is an ass, and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
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      Voluntary Euthanasia: Existing Law is an Ass

      "The law is an ass, and the apology of a sentence for Lesley Martin is clear
      evidence of that," said Peter Osborne, a Libertarianz Spokesman.

      "If Lesley Martin murdered her mother against her mother's wishes then the
      question arises whether only 15 months imprisonment is just. However, if
      she responded to her mother's desire to put an end to the pain and
      suffering, Ms Martin must be granted her freedom. Either way everyone
      concerned with this case must be in no doubt that justice has not been
      served and that the sentence passed on to Lesley Martin is meaningless."

      Mr Osborne continues, "This is a clear example of why voluntary euthanasia
      must not remain illegal. Thanks to the law, Joy Martin was denied her right
      to openly ask for assistance to die in a dignified manner. Thanks to the
      law there was no procedure in place to ensure that Joy Martin did in fact
      request assisted suicide, and to protect her daughter who helped her.
      Thanks to the law Lesley Martin has received a sentence that does not
      reflect her actions either way. Justice has been denied everyone involved
      in this case, because this basic individual right remains illegal."

      "Libertarianz understands that each individual owns their own life and must
      be granted the right to end that life if they so wish," says Osborne. "We
      realise that government has no place in denying people this basic freedom.
      The judiciary only need concern itself with ensuring that force or fraud is
      not a contributing factor in such a death. Only when voluntary euthanasia
      is legalised may systems be put in place to ensure that the rights of the
      individual are upheld and that force or fraud not be involved in any way.
      Until this basic freedom is recognised, justice to all concerned will never
      be done."

      He concludes: "Our thoughts are with Lesley Martin as she begins her

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