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PRESS RELEASE: We Don't Need the Pro-Violence, Racist Alliance

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Libertarianz Party We Don t Need the Pro-Violence, Racist Alliance The Alliance represents so much of what is despicable
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2002

      Libertarianz Party

      We Don't Need the Pro-Violence, Racist Alliance

      "The Alliance represents so much of what is despicable in New Zealand, despite
      how much political commentators might mourn its demise" declared Libertarianz Leader and Tauranga Candidate Russell Watkins yesterday who said thay are now "as dead as Karl Marx."

      "The Alliance believes in the supreme violence of the state to compel, ban and
      steal from its citizens to enforce a socially engineered future for us all," observed Watkins. "It is full of envy-ridden worshippers of the state who loathe and despise
      the creative and the productive, but writhe in glee at the thought of taxing more and more of that which is produced. They claim to be caring about others, but go orgasmic at the thought of a new law forcing people to do - or stopping people from doing -whatever takes their fancy. They are suspicious and sneering of any who do anything productive outside the sneering thieving glance of the state." At this point Watkins paused momentarily to bellow: "THANK GOD THEY'RE GOING!"

      Watkins offers some advice to those 7.8% of voters who ticked the box for the Alliance last election, suggesting that "this year they consign these statist, collectivist, Marxist vermin to the scrapheap of history. Reject their xenophobic, anti-productive, envy-ridden irrational socialism. Don't tick their new-age anti-scientific luddites of spin the Greens, or Helen Clark's Muldoonist control-freak driven socialism. "

      "Instead," he suggests, "go to
      http://www.libertarianz.org.nz or www.libz.org and think about what you read. Calmly read about an alternative that is about adults peacefully and productively co-existing and not being banned or compelled from doing anything other than respecting each others inviolability. If you all did that, then the political establishment would be shaken up, the emphasis on compulsion would be weakened, and there would be true debate in Parliament between the 6 remaining parties of big government and freedom".


      For further information, please contact:

      Russell Watkins
      (09) 543 3136, e-mail:
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